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Leave skis home?

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And rent? My ski honey and I are headed to Pow Mtn/Snow Basin in mid/late February to discover what all the fuss is about over powder skiing. 

Neither of us is a strong powder skier and that is part of the reason we chose Powder Mtn - to get comfortable in those conditions, and then spend some time at Snow Basin. We have a total of nine available days.

Her "wide" boards are a pair of Blizzard Black Pearls - 88mm in the waist but with some tip and tail rocker. Got pretty decent marks for flotation ( I expect my wife to be on groomers a fair amount of the time as well. We will both take some lessons (always try to when go someplace new and encounter new conditions/terrain). And would prefer to learn on our own gear.

My widest boards are Kastle MX98's - last year's model with no metal. I have not had any chance to use them in any deep - nor in the kind of snow that we would get in Utah. Maine "powder" can often be mistaken for Sakrete. Everything I have read tells me that these should be just fine out there. I did ski them for the first time last week at Sugarloaf. Conditions were packed powder, and they carved better than any metal-free 98mm board has a right to. So I am not terribly concerned about that when I ski the groomers with my bride. And feel no reason to bring one of my narrower skis.

Anyway, not knowing what really to expect, figured I throw this up for suggestions. Would be a drag to shlepp boards out there and find that we end up renting.

And if there are any locals who see this, or other Bears who are going to be there between 2/18-26 would be great to connect.


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I think both skis are going to be good for most of what you guys are gonna be doing, but not really deep pow! If it is too much work to get the skis there, like you are gonna catch a plane and will have to drop some cash to get your gear there I would probably use the chance to try new pow skis! That's what you are gonna be after once you get more comfortable in these conditions. If you are used to travel and take skis with you and isn't too much work, then just take then and rent if you see the need for!


Also no guarantee that you are gonna find deep fresh pow, and if you find just rent even if you take your skis with you! I would basically take my decision based on how much trouble is to take your skis with you!

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Thanks, bud. True that. We are used to the hassle of shlepping skis. In fact, I usually take two pairs (carvers and mid-fat) for myself,  for a total of three, when we travel. This year just one each given the versatility of the Kastle's and Pearls. And they are both pretty light and would fit in one bag. Doing Jet Blue which gives first bag free, so good there. Reality, as you say, is that we may not even get freshies so makes sense to bring the all-rounders and then just rent real pow skis if we get the big dump. Again, I would rather learn on my own boards, and even explore their qualities in different conditions. I have skied Vail all over on a pair of Hart Phoenix (my favorite ski - 116/66/101).  

Happy trails to you.


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Taking the Black Pearls makes good sense.  I demo'd them at Big Sky last season.  Have bought a pair that I intend to mainly use out west.  Looking forward to using them at Alta when I'm there in April.


I've been taking my Rossi Attraxion 8's (127-75-108) for trips out west since I got them a few years ago.  End up skiing on them about half the time.  I get demo skis if lucky enough to hit deep powder, as in >6 inches.  Not that good in powder yet but good enough to enjoy open trees and easier ungroomed black runs at Alta.  I'm petite so can float pretty well on the 8's.  Have used them in 10 inches of powder but definitely easier with powder skis.

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Thanks. Makes total sense to bring the Pearls. When we plan for such trips we have delusions of snow grandeur fueled by the false confidence that nothing most easterners own could possibly be proper for the bottomless pow that inevitably awaits us in the West. But the reality is that we could hit a drought and end up renting the skis we already own. Bummer. Like tomorrow, we are going to drive 6 hours round trip to ski at Sugarloaf on what is supposed to be a rainy day and temps in the 40's. Why? Well, that's just what we do as skiers.

Have big fun in Alta.


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Hah!  I'm in northern Virginia at my "home mountain" of Massanutten for a ski weekend.  4 hour drive from my house.  Spent the day in 60 degree temps on a couple short runs (2-3 min).  That's what ski NUTS who live in the southeast do!  Although my daughter and I are doing other stuff too this weekend since we brought a friend with a 3 year old.


The bonus today was it turned out that a local ski shop has a free demo tent this weekend.  Surprisingly, they had women's skis short enough for me.  I tried out the Nordica Wild Belle, Scott Luna, Rossi Temptation 82, and K2 Superglide.  They even had the Black Pearl in several lengths.  A little hard to judge given the conditions.  But I learned something about what I like and what I don't.

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The Pearls and MX98s should be fine, even on pow especially if they are around forehead length or longer.  If it happens to get over 2 ft of fresh, then you can rent powder specific skis.  The local shop can recommend width and length of the powder skis.

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Originally Posted by marznc View Post

Hah!  I'm in northern Virginia at my "home mountain" of Massanutten for a ski weekend.  4 hour drive from my house.  Spent the day in 60 degree temps on a couple short runs (2-3 min).  That's what ski NUTS who live in the southeast do!  


Oh, that is a bit excessive.

Well done wink.gif

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