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Sierra at Tahoe, 1/10/13 Powder Day

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I recently skied a whole bunch of great mountains on a two week trip to Oregon and Northern California, but wanted to spread some extra love for a place many of my fellow Eastern brethren may not be so familiar with - Sierra at Tahoe on Highway 50 near South Lake Tahoe.  I want to send a big thank you to two generous locals who befriended my son and I, giving us a great, spontaneous 2 to 3 hour tour of the mountain in really nice conditions, one foot of new overnight fluff.  Don't believe they are Epicski members, but If anybody recognizes them, please steer them to this post.


We started by skiing a few groomers with tons of fluffy, chopped up snow on them, but soon veered off into the woods. Yours truly in Castle Creek trees:


This is where we met Gordon the Kid from Placerville, CA. He said if you like this, follow me and we did.


My son Vince on Eastabout trail, heading to North Bowl. We saw some snow squalls during the day, SAT's glades and tree sheltered runs are the place to be on a Tahoe storm day.


Gordon introduces us to SAT Ambassador Ed D. who we come across skiing off piste in the trees of North Bowl. Now the fun really begins because these two gents from Placerville know stashes where the untouched, but soft old snow lays covered with the foot of freshies.


We stop for a scenic view of the Tahoe Basin. Lots of snowboarders at SAT and they could shred.


Vince follows Ed into Huckleberry Bowl, the premier side country zone at SAT.


Vince in DEEP, Huckleberry Bowl/Canyon.


Ed leads us to "A" Bowl, its inbounds, but not on a trail map.


Gordon's world, he skis on a $99 Sierra at Tahoe season pass for age 70+.


Ed's happy place, he first skied SAT at age 16 and is still killing it 50 years later as an exceptionally generous and capable mountain host.


Vince left SAT all smiles.


Our Huckleberry Bowl buddies at Sierra at Tahoe, thanks for a great day!


Link to photos and commentary on rest of trip:


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Thanks for that. SAT looks like a fun ski hill & great locals.

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Great pics.  And thanks for the memories; I ski bummed there back in '82/83.  

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55 degrees and foggy here....this is killing me... LOL


But I'll be out that way in just a few weeks.  Might have to check SAT out....

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What an awesome TR! A day you will never forget, I'm sure!

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Thanks for the stoke, jamesj. Always good to hear from you and vicariously live through your travels. Hopefully we'll catch up at the Mid-Atlantic Gathering.

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I'm crying into my dinner prep now, as i hear the rapidly melting snow fall off the roof in cascades.
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PS, we gonna see you in Montana this spring?
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Very nice James and I'll be in Tahoe in 2 weeks.  Sierra now on the list of potential areas to hit.  Thanks!

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You got some of the best of SAT.  The excursions into Huckelberry and A-bowl were some of my favorite and most memorable skiing days.  Storm day skiing a Sierra is hard to beat.  The area through the gates used to be out of bounds and required beacon and avy gear.  Has that changed now that it is considered part of the patrolled area?

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Thanks for the feedback folks.  Wish you could have been there with us.smile.gif


Cirque, we had no beacon/avy gear.  A very experienced resort ambassador took us in there, so pretty sure that stuff is not required there and yes, Huckleberry is now considered inbounds.

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Here's a little post-trip recap of this fun day with a short video at the end: http://www.dcski.com/ubbthreads33/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=69929#Post69929

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Nicely done!  I saw Priest Trees, A-Bowl and a little run past the traverse line out of Huckleberry.  Someone did some slogging.


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