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Yesterday I skied my first powder day on my new to me Gunsmokes. The conditions were 5 inches of mostly day old powder. Plenty of untracked still to be had. Some areas were quite variable with slab of ice under the snow. Some areas were heaven. This is the first time I have been on a rockered powder ski. I ski the Bonafide, so I'm use to some rocker. My issue was that I didn't feel like the ski performed quite the way I would want it to. I found it easy to ski but I found I couldn't drive the ski forward. When I needed to get more aggressive, I found I had to sit back. I know you ski current skis more centered, but this was different. It was fun but not a smile ear to ear I'm in love feeling. Here's what I think, when I set this up ( in rental bindings) I set to center line. The guy who sold then to me recommended 1 to 2 cm back from centerline based on my size. I'm 6'2" 195 lbs. that's exactly what it felt like it needed. Last night I moved back 1 cm to try it. From the limited explanation I've given, do you think I'm on the right track? I know I'll see when I try them, but there is no pow in forecast and I'm just after opinions.