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GS Race Ski info

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I'm wanting to get back on a GS Race ski for groomers and am considering a purchase of some 183 cm Rossi's. I am 5'9 and 155 lbs , a former racer and ski aggressively. Can anyone give me some feedback or info on the skis pictured

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That is an older Rossi, circa 2008-9 , when they were still pretty Soft in comparison to most other gs skis. Rossi improved dramatically from 2011. They may work for you at 155# but if you are aggressive you may also want to consider some others. Right principle though - very hard to beat a good gs ski! smile.gif
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Any idea how they would compare to Dynastar Inspired (circa 2004 ish?) which is my current groomer ski? Pic attached
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The Rossi Race ski would absolutely Kill the Inspired as a groomer ski. Better edge hold, more stable and damp.  

The Rossi will ski pretty easily for a race ski.

The Rossi have a pre-drilled plate and if you are somewhat mechanically skilled you can size themfor your boots.

The Rossi FKS Bindings are worth more than the skis. So you probably can't go wrong buying them.  

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You won't ever ski the Inspireds again.

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wow. OK

I am skiing a K2 Sidestash now for all mtn and backcountry. Great in soft snow but the Insprireds really outperform the Sidestash when it gets firm , especially edge to edge, GS type turns and on Ice. I havent been on a GS race ski since the late 80's (Rossi 4S and others of that era) Anyone out there still skiing a GS Race ski all over the mtn and in soft conditions?
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You are really talking about three different categories of ski ie; roughly speaking, narrow, medium and wide. The Inspired was ok for it's time but it's 7-8 years old and the medium width category has changed a lot since then. The Rossi GS is great as a hard snow ski but you could do way better than that for "all over the mountain and in soft conditions"....that's really the province of the "medium" .....depending a little on where you live and ski. The Sidestash is a bit wide and bit soft snow biased to be truly an all mountain ski for most folks (as you have noticed) but it is fine as a 12+ inch kinda ski.


So the addition of the GS ski fills the narrow end of the 3-ski quiver very well and Sidestash nicely fills the wide end. Your Inspired fills the middle spot adequately but that is really the most important spot and you could do better.



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Good points about the quiver range SJ, thanks. I live & mostly ski in MT (land of very wide skis) and travel to other areas in the west. Considering I ski 30% true backcountry, 50% all mtn/sidecountry and 20% groomers and want to keep the K2 Sidestashes, are there any specific recomendations out there to cover this with say 3 pair? Even though Im not on groomers that much I really value a GS Race ski for that.
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As I said, you already have all three quiver spots covered. Although the GS ski is a little specific, it is still great at what it does and the Sidestash is fine for the wide end. The middle is where you need the most improvement. This is not b/c the Inspired is a bad call, it's just old and there are better skis available at this point. Something in the 85-98mm range would be a fine choice to replace it depending on your tastes. Some great 90's to consider are the Head Rev 90, Nordica Steadfast, and the K2 Sideshow. There are plenty of others that are both wider and narrower.



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