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FA 84 EDT ...... with a twist

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Nordica Fire Arrow 84 EDT, 176 cm, 128/84/112.5, R=18.0

Bindings: NTN Freerides (telemark), red spring cartridges

Boot: Scarpa TX comps

Skier: 62, 6'1', 155 lbs, 50+ years on skis (30+ freeheel)

Region: Tahoe

ski days: ~5

snow types: very firm to actual (really) packed/loose powder, all groomed (never off-piste)

Prior skis: Blizz Mags 8.7/8.1, Kastle MX 78



Something about the early reviews caught my attention - the perfect combination of  lively finesse and carving power, but .... mounting my free-heel binding on the integral plate seemed impossible.  Took a chance (what the heck, I'm not getting any younger, etc.) reserved a pair over the summer, and immediately stepped off the edge by ripping the entire mounting plate off, replacing it with my own HDPE shim (had to re-attach the carbon fiber plates).  Nervous first day, bated breath and all that - all expectations/hopes exceeded!  They blew my previous skis entirely out of the water: rock steady carve, easy/quick turn initiation and follow-through, effortless edge to edge, amazingly steady for what I consider to be a relatively short ski (much more so than the MX 78s in exactly the same length; comparable to the 8.7s in stability but much more lively and quick). Aside from the price, the only downside was the irresistible  urge to squander my limited energy reserves all too quickly skiing non-stop at unrecommended speeds for aged, brittle bones.  


Seriously, this the most stable ski I've ever ridden at speed free-heel - I'm sure there's other that would compare (MX 88? Stockli?),

but  until I can try those (no rush - I'll listen to suggestions/testimonies), the FA 84 is the undisputed champion. 

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Pic's of set up, please. 

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Here ya go; apologies for the shadow on the side shot (feel free to laugh at my photo skills) - what it hides is that the shim front is shorter than the binding by about 1.5".  The anchor points for the front carbon fiber strip are there and I was too lazy to dremel a cutout to allow the shim to go over them. There's only a minimal load on the binding tip (when engaging the front throw) and it's still supported by the main binding frame. 8 screws to anchor the shim, and i went with a single full length shim as opposed to my usual two-piece approach (front frame + heel piece - I thought this would help retain some of the stiffness imparted by the stock binding plate. There was no way to mount the binding to the stock plate given it's extensive cut-out design. 

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