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Between sizes...

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Kind of after the fact as I've bought and skied the boots but...


I got a 26.5, I couldn't get into a 25.5 comfortably. No one sells a 26.0 even though it is manufactured. It seems most, if not all, online or brick and mortar stores only sell every other size in stock. The 26.5 is a bit big (a "comfort fit" spacing is behind my heel when my foot is in the shell minus the liner). A fitter at Footloose in Mammoth Lakes, CA (not where I bought the boots btw--my bad) explained that the extra size and factory footbed was allowing my foot to roll in and thus losing ski control and jamming my ankle outward. Made sense to me. Anyway, I got some green super feet installed at FL to stabilize my feet and thus help relieve pressure/pain on my right outer ankle. They helped kill some extra space too. My ankle was still sore from that earlier day's skiing but I could tell it wasn't being pushing against the boot as much the next day. 


Was there anything I could've done differently when I bought the boots since the 26.0 was not available anywhere? Should I put an ankle donut (proper name?) on the liner too--the fitter said I have very pointy, protruding ankle bones? Thanks.

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A 26 and a 26.5 are the SAME boot with a different foot pad in the bottom----the 26.0 would just have a thicker pad which would take up more room, and of course you would be convinced the boot was smaller.


Comfort fit = I don't want my toes to touch---always too big for good control, sadly this idea will not work long term.  As the liner packs out

the boot will get looooooser and looooooser over time and you will be unhappy, -----just sayingcool.gif.


Read the wiki about "Which boot will work for me" at the top of this section.


To make your 26.5 into a 26.0 just add a piece of cereal box cardboard under the pad in the boot.


happy skiing



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Hi Mike, thanks for the info. I made the mistake of trying to remember how to buy boots from 10-12 years ago and had forgotten a lot. I was pretty much serving myself at the store, too. I wasn't after a comfort-fit, it just ended up that way--I've always had a performance fit or even a race fit back in my glory days. When I added the super feet, some space was taken up by their larger than factory volume. The boots feel snugger now and my toes just barely touch while not leaning. So, we'll see how the liners pack out over time. I'll be getting in only 6-8 days a year :-( I don't know if they'll pack out slower due to that or not.

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