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How *should* boots fit

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Hi yall.


First post here. I read through some of the FAQs but still have some questions. First off, let me say a little about what Im doing here. Ive been skiing for about 20 years, but really only on and off more recently.  I did a lot of skiing back in high school/college years and shortly after graduation, but drifted away from the sport with family and the skyrocketing lift prices. I always had hand me down old stuff that wasnt necessairily junk, but just old, but did ski the crap out of them. My first pair of skis/boots were handed down from my uncle and were an old pair of K2s with Solomon rear entry boots. Heres where this thread comes in. Some time around 1998-2000 or so, I dumped the skis and tried out some of these new skiboard things with my old boots. They were real neat and I had a lot of fun with them. Fast forward to today. I havent done a lot of skiing in the past maybe 5 years, maybe only once a year, if that (still with the skiboards and old junk boots). I went for my first run this year which was probably the first time in 2-3 years a few weeks ago and got the itch to really pick it back up again. So with that, I headed up to the local ski shop to see about a new kit. I thought I would probably get a new pair of boots first and rent or demo skis until I found a new set.


Now my question time. How *should* new boots fit? My current, olde timey boots are not snug, but roomy enough for my foot with a good, thick sock on.  I got measured at a 29.5 and tried on a few pairs. I think one was a Diabello and the second one was maybe Head? Any way, both seemed real small to me length wise and I do have wide feet (my sneaks are usually a E if I can find them) and just about as tight width wise. How tight to the toe, length wise, should they be? The 29.5 I tried on were really smashing my toes into the tip of the boot, but I dont want to go too large if they should be on the snug side. When I say they were too short, I was in a "skiing position" as in I was standing flat footed leaning forward with my knee bent at maybe a 20* angle from straight, you know, as if you were skiing down the hill, so my toes were a bit further aft of the toe of the boot. Standing upright, straight knee'd it was nearly unbearable.


I know I can get measured for a boot, and the tech can tell me what I should be in, but what should *I* be looking for in a fit in a boot?

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Read through this article and pay close attention to "how to shell fit"


the liner should feel "too tight" in a new boot---we aren't used to having our toes touch in a shoe.



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