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Best 'All Mountain' Ski - Your Opinions....

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First post on here, so hello to one and all!


My names Ryan, 28 from the UK and looking for some decent all mountain skis.


I'm 6ft, 90kg and around ski at around an intermediate level (can get down black runs but it's not pretty lol).


I've just returned from Verbier where I used a pair of Atomic Intruders (157) for 6 days, I mostly stayed on piste and they were decent enough for my current skill level.


Since I'm progressing rather quickly (negotiating black runs within 4 days of skiing from a complete beginner), I'm looking for a ski that will accommodate my current abilities but then also handle a lot more once I develop my skills and head off piste. Ideally something that will be a 70% piste, 30% off-piste ski.


Afters rather a bit of research I've got a few skis short listed:


  • Movement Jam ER


  • Whitedot Preacher


  • Salomon Enduro XT800


  • Atomic Blackeye Ti



Sooo, anyone have any experience with the above models, and if so, do you think they'd suit me?

I essentially want a ski that I can grow into and 'master'.

Cheers all in advance,

Ryan icon14.gif

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Anyone................ th_dunno-1[1].gif

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I have no experience with any of those skis.  Using the word "best" isn't a great idea because there is no "best" ski.  It depends on the skier, the terrain and the kind of snow(soft, hard, polished ice, etc).  For me the "best" all mountain ski is currently my Nordica Steadfast.  I'm into my second season with them and they do everything I want.  They might not work very well on ice or bottomless pow but I don't ski ice and I have wider skis they will handle the bottomless.  If those four skis are your only choices and you can't demo, pick one about 170-175cm and you'll be fine.  Unless, your boots are too big in which case you'll just have trouble steering longer skis.  BTW, the 157s are way too short for you.

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Go to this link   http://skicanadamag.com/tag/ski-reviews   They do their ski tests with the skis masked off to avoid bias..

Go to adventure all mountain.  look at the ratings - then look at the link to the testers and their relative size - compare that to your own wt and size then look at what their favourite ski was from the test.  Then look at the 'ski finder'.  Between this you should be able to find a narrow selection of skis to then demo if you can.

You can also look at the expert tests as well but these tend to cost more.  Remember these skis are the ones that the manufacturers sne tin that they feel fit that 'genre' of ski and level of skier.

I have bought 2 previous skis using this method - without demoing- have been very happy.  Both sets of skis took my skiing up a significant notch.

Don't be afraid to go a little shorter than recommended - shorter skis should help you develop you skills quicker if you are interested in skiing bumps, trees, and alsi build your confidence with turns.  But if you do this be prepared to upgrade the skis in about 2 seasons for a longer set to provide more stabilty as your speed increases and you start skiing more crud.

Make sure you get or have good boots first, fitted by a competent boot fitter.  I think the saying is you marry your boots but only date your skis.



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Try out the Atomic Crimson TI - 88 wide under foot.... Great all mountain ski ... A little slow in the bumps, (i mean you gotta work) but awesome on the steeps and at pace, not to heavy to fling around but still big enough sidecut to whip some nice quick carved turns.... 157 are too short for a 6' skier id recommend the 178 or even 186. They are like skiing on wings... Keep in mind they will require significant leg strength and advanced skills to keep them under you.

Big guy like you on 157s your skis are going to chatter and lose control at high speeds ... I am 6'1 215lbs and have found that longer is better, when you account for maneuverability, speed, weight, control, and ability... Within reason ... good luck... You might wanna lock down you skills before jumping into and advance ski though... STAY FORWARD ... ON YOUR TOES.

Good Luck
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