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Rules To Review By

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With gear season just around the corner, I took it upon myself to etch out a few general parameters to aid people in making happenin reviews:

1) Details like the length, sidecut, classification, or any other particulars of the product tested are just an annoying waste of time. If you feel you must be specific about something, try and explain what you like about the graphics.

2) The same goes for information about yur weight, ability and the conditions where you tested the product. These are of little concern to most of us as it's unlikely our stats or terrain preference match yours. Letting us know what your favorite band is would probably be more helpful for us to determine the validity of your review.

3) If you feel the need to mention similar products made by other manufacturers, please try to portray these brands and models in as bad a light as possible, and -- THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT -- make sure you let us know how inferior anyone is if they happen to own or are thinking about buying one of these products. As we all know, it's not a persons ability but the equipment that makes a skier.

4) If you have encountered any problems with one of these similar products in the past (like perhaps tearing an edge out after dropping 40 feet into a pile of rocks), please make sure you let us know unequivocally how bad the manufacturers QC and return policy has become.

5) Refrain from giving direct comparisons between similar models or brands if at all possible. This tends to clutter up a good review. Rather, try and use words like: "long", "damp", "stiff", "dead", etc. without relating them to other products which we may have tried. This keeps the review ambiguous enough that we can more fully develop our "read-between-the-lines" technique. If you feel you must make comparisons, try and use the 'Ski Magazine' review technique of using cute, uninformative cliches like, "Wow! More stable than a D-9 dozer pushing through a rain forest!", or, "Momma! Cranks off turns faster than a Hitchcock storyline!".

6) When someone asks for general information on a particular type of product, immediately let them know that THE best one they could possibly choose is the one that you now happen to be using and are completely satisfied with. Do not give examples of other products that could give similar satisfaction to others, but rather just say, "I just love this product like i've never loved any other, so obviously you will too!"

7) Ignore people like jd, Matter, and others who are obviously confused with the notion that being objective, impartial, and clear have something to do with a good review.

.... refer to my sample for a correctly formatted review.
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so where is the sample review?
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If you don't like my template, this is an alternative approach to gear reviews. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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you've seen it. (salami) ICECREAMS in this section. a truly comprehensive revue.

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