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Binding miscounted

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Hi all, I just got a pair of my wife's skis mounted and I just noticed when I got back that one binding is about a half an inch forward of the other. It's about 1.3 cm. is this going to be a big deal? Worth having them re drilled or making a big deal over? They were brand new skis and bindings that I picked up on Craigslist and went to a reputable shop to have them mounted. Thanks for the help!
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I never experienced one binding offset from the other but it sounds like it could easily be a performance issue. I'd bring them back in. If they are a reputable shop they should fix it without any hesitation.

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I double checked be measuring the tail to heel piece and tip to toe piece. Definitely off. Since its 1 cm are they going to be able to be remounted? The holes would be very close
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You should have two toe bindings & two heel bindings. Can't be that hard to miscount biggrin.gif

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It's an easy fix for the shop to re-mount correctly, assuming they are capable.  They may not be capable of figuring out which one is correct, and which one is to be fixed- they most likely used a mark on the topsheet, which any knowledgeable tech knows can't be trusted.  Shop mismounts are a common theme around here.


1.3 cm is actually a lot- a Tyrolia Railflex adjusts in 1.5 cm increments.


There will probably be a lengthy debate here as to how the shop should compensate you for this, ranging from a brand new pair of skis delivered by a stripper, to a refund on the original mount and a free remount.

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Free remount, refund original mount, $50-100 shop credit (which costs the shop half that much--the wholesale price of whatever you spend the credit on) and make sure you tell them which mount you want changed.  They say you need 1 cm between old holes (which have to be plugged of course) and the new holes, so you should be ok. 

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