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The future of Volant Sports

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Apparantly on August 24, 2001 workers were again asked to cash in two more vacation days so as to allow Volant Sports to secure financing in order to save the company as we now know it.

To find out more you will need to go to www.denverpost.com as find the article using advanced search.

Suggestion: if you live in a powerball state of which Colorado is one, play at least 10 plays. I am assuming of course that gambling is ok with you and you have the $10.00 to spare. If a winner, select the cash option. Based on the current anticipated $280 Million jackpot this is about $162 million. After federal taxes it diminshes to about $65 million ! Certainly, if you were the only major winner for a few million you could be a major investor in a very fine ski company that has some financial problems. You could be that shinning knight in Volant stainless steel armour saving the day. How great is that ?!!!

And there were would still be plenty of moola left over for the family, weddings, college educations, and a vacation home of your choice at a ski resort of your choice to indulge your greatest of all passions, and what could that possibly be?......

Well of course lots of Happy Skiing on........

Naturally, Volant skis..........

It has to be Volant since you now own the company !
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By coincidence, this afternoon I had a chance to meet with one of the Volant Reps at a ski shop. He said they are not worried about the current and what seems to be a temporary cash flow squeeze. What is needed is some temporary interim financing ie. someone to give them a temporary loan using Volants receivables as collateral until Volant's vendees begin to pay their bills. If they can't get some operational monies soon, it looks like someone else will buy the company.But the Rep didn't seemed worried.

Some other things that I learned about:
Volant's last years attempt to sell over the internet was a dismal failure. It cost them sales, and they had to work their fannys off to get their lost vendees back, but they did get most to return.

No plans yet to come up with an integrated ski/binding arrangement similiar to Salomon, Volkl, and Atomic.

The 2002-03 models will have some significant changes, so much so that those changes could not be revealed, well at least to me. Someone else may have some further insight as to what the changes will be.

Volant is currently # 5 in the US, has minimal presance in Eurpoe [ due mostly to the snobbery of France, Austria, and Germany because they all make skis. Understandably, it would be like letting the Europeans come here with their lines of baseball and football equipment.]

Volant makes about 75,000 pairs of skis per year and does an annual volumn of about $12 million. Not very much when you think about it. They could easily make more without any significant additional investment in plant or equipment. Under those circumstances, I wonder what another 7500 pairs of skis, a meer 10% improvement, would mean to the richness of the bottom line ?

They recognize that there is a definite need to expand their customer base. They are also keenly aware of their customer loyality.

Volant Ski Company, which became Volant Sports about 7 years ago has been in business for about 12 years.

US and Canada are the #1 market, #2 is Europe, and #3 is Japan.

Hank and Bucky Kashiwa [p?]are both on the board, but play much less of a role in day to day operations and in new product design.

The reps are now driving traditional Vans instead of those Hummers.

That's about it for now. Anyone have some further insights, please share them with us.
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You guys better be careful. Remember, it's a publicly held company...
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Sorry SCSA,

But, it's privately held. There isn't even any inside closely held stock so as to reward employees with any stock options or direct distributions of stock.

Let's keep thinking positive about the future of this All American
Ski Company.
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Hi Phil,

I think we need to find that rare animal that needs some big taxc write offs this year in order to shelter some income.
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Just Do It!

Nike is shopping around looking for ways to break into non "team" sports. I wonder if Volant will be on the buffet.

Toss up question, would you buy a ski with a "swoosh"?<FONT size="1">

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Volant employees did not return to work on Monday and the mid day meeting was cancelled to tell them what was up. They have been asked to return on Tuesday at 9:00 to find out what is going to happen. This is what I got from some friends of mine. The employees are getting frustrated about the whole deal.
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To Grizz

There is a world wide campaign against NIKE because of its well documented sweatshop and labor practices. I would buy NOTHING from them. <FONT size="1">

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Thanks for filling me in, I had no idea. Nike must be pure EVIL!

Why do you think I asked the question
This is way off the orginal topic but if you look at any large company you can find issues. Do you own a car?

See ya at the next WTO rally. Watch out for the anarchists.
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do you buy k2?
as we all discussed in our boycott posts, you draw your own lines as to what we will or will not support & companies are gonna push as close to those lines as they can to maximize profits. Have a stand, be vocal & stick with it.
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... and now back to the topic at hand... At the end of last season I decided I wanted to buy a pair of Volant T3 Epics... but, of course, I didn't. Are these available anywhere now?
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From the Skimag.com News page:

Volant Closes Colorado Plant

Volant Sports, one of only two companies still making skis in the United States, shut down its manufacturing plant Tuesday and laid off 95 workers.

Details are in the rest of the piece. Just too bad.
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Guess I might want to buy an extra pair of Chubbs just in case someone doesn't step up and buy the company.

I wonder if they are planning on opening up again once the money from this year's orders comes in, or is this the end of Volant as an independant company?
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Gart's in Denver had some T3 Epics (last season's) at the sniagrab sale. They were about half price. The sale is still going on, don't know if there are any left - when I was there on Sunday there were maybe a dozen or so pairs.
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Things may not be as bleak as they have been portrayed. Check out www.peterkeelty.com/volantob.htm
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Gen-X buys VBonant Assets
Check out snowtradenews.com
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I don't get the Ski Trade News, so would you please fill me and the rest of us in on the details especially anything concerning oeprational intentions of the new owners and their ability to invest and re-invest on a continuing basis.

Thank you

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