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base repair iron

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I'm wondering what the procedure is to make a ptex repair using an iron like this one.
I'm sick of the carbon and dripping ptex. can anybody explain?
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Hey Garick,
You don't need that iron to do base repairs imho.

I use a regular house iron and ptex and/or metalgrip and a ptex roller.

base welds
cut gouge, clean it up, scratch up the core material and or edge metal, lay down pieces of metalgrip, press and melt in with an iron, slide the iron off the side. then take the ptex roller and press the crap out of the metalgrip. sand down and you're all set.

gouges (non-coreshot)
same process, except use ptex.

the iron has to be hot enough to liquify the ptex and metalgrip for both cases. the other option is using epoxy, some steel wool shavings and black dye [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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