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Zermatt - Xmas 2012

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We spent Christmas in Zermatt this year. First timer. We were there from Dec 20th to the 28th. Decent coverage but unfortunately mother nature giveth and taketh away. The first two days were the best of the trip. Some new fallen snow and the off-piste was okay. Low crowds and nice sunny weather made for some really nice turns and fun exploring the mountain. We never ended up making it over to Cervinia. Turns out that high winds are a regular occurence in Zermatt, and we had seveal days of just that. Schwarzsee and top of Matterhorn in background Photobucket Riffleberg area Riffleberg Area, Zermatt Chez Vrony - Highly recommended - Make reservations Chez Vrony Early morning up on Rothorn looking at the Matterhorn Photobucket Definitely a pretty village. Good restaurants, although expensive it is a really nice atmosphere, especially at Christmas. One thing I noticed was the lift operators are not very helpful. Certainly not like in the States but I guess the Swiss figure people know how to load a lift. I would love to go back later in the season when there is even more snow to explore the off-piste. However, I get the feeling with the regular high winds, that the off-piste snow pack is rarely very good. We felt fortunate the first two days to get some semi-decent off-piste runs. But there is tons of terrain to explore. The Hohetalli area was only open a few times while we were there. The drag lifts never started spinning. I suspect that area is a later season opeation. It was only crowded one day when high winds shut down most upper mtn lifts. Otherwise we never really had issues with lift lines. Try the local on mtn restaraunts. We loved Chez Vrony. We also ate at Fluhalp, and another small hut on the Schwarzsee side (can't remeber the name) and we like FUrri Restaurant in Furri. Honestely I don't think you can have a bad meal there. Don't buy the international pass. Just buy a supplemental add on if conditions permit. And get up the mtn early and you can spentd the first hour to two hours with very little in the way of crowds.
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Thanks for the TR. I'll keep those restaurants in mind for our next trip there. What a beautiful place.

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Nice report!

Never been to Zermatt, but I've heard from others that March is the time to go because it tends to have the highest average base leaving the off piste good.

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I've heard that March is a good time to go. We were fortunate that this past December was one of the best in terms of snow fall for Switzerland in the past 20 years. And despite what I had read from other past trip reports, I found it quite easy to get from one ski are to another with out giving up much in the way of ski time.
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interesting... i was there last year - expensive week in February - stayed in Cervinia and i guess i lucked out and the wind was down and i had no problem with the winds... skied all 6 days on both sides and loved the entire area... 


In fact when i was there the Cervinia side of off piste was wind swept and the Zermatt was good but tracked... hadn't been fresh snow and it was at the tail end of that amazingly cold snap!!!

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Zermatt. Easily some of my best ski memories including the first place my young son learned to ski (Lord knows how he sipped into the dark side and became a snowboard instructor:).
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Nice! Been to Zermat in February for one week in the last two years, fantastic place, skiiing with the Matterhorn in the background is spectacular. Off the piste was good too last year and I loved the sunny wide trails on the Italian side to Ce

rvinia or Valtournenche. Atmosphere in the town is fantastic, car free, Swiss chocolate, all those strudels and other wonderfull baked goods..mmmmmmm.... Would have gone again for the 3rd time this year but my buddies convinced me to switch to another location,  booked Sestriere for one week starting Feb.16 and then these blokes abandoned me (probably they gave in to  their nagging wives!) and now I'm all alone..;o(  But again,  Zermatt is one of the best and I'm sure I'll returin to it in the near future.

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It's good to try different areas. Zermatt was on the bucket list. Definitely lots of terrain to explore both on and off-piste. And good food too! Photobucket
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Very cool.  Makes me look forward to Grindelwald even more - in late February 2013.

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Originally Posted by Moose32 View Post

Very cool.  Makes me look forward to Grindelwald even more - in late February 2013.

 Been to Grindelwald too. I'd say that the Jungfrau region is prettier. Zermatt is a nicer town, with more restaruants and shops. However, as long as the conditions are good, you will have a great time in Grindelwald. Lots of terrain to explore between Mannlichen, Murren and Wengen.

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