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Majesty Skis

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Hey Epic Ski, I was wondering if anybody knew anything about the ski company Majesty concerning durability, playfullness, and general quality. I Searched it and nothing came up so I hope this isn't a repost. They have a screaming deal on last years dirty bears: which seems like a good all mountain ripper.I love the shapes of all of there skis, not to into the graphics but that doesnt really matter. I also heard that they make there skis in the same factory as folsom in Poland. If anybody has any experience with these skis please speak up, Thanks

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Usually is the place to go for info on a lot of the 300+ companies most skiers never heard of.  All they had was a 2008 write-up and a reviews.  The Majesty website does show UT and CO dealers.  Maybe they can help you.

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I just got back from a trip to Utah.  My friends and I walked into AJ Motion Sports in Sandy to rent some demo skis for one day of inbounds and two days of backcountry skiing.  AJ Motion Sports claims to be the US Distributor for Majesty, which explains why their US presence is pretty limited.  The skis are made in Poland.  They were running a promotion where you can buy ANY Majesty ski plus a pair of Stage Stunt goggles for $250.  My 2 friends and I all bought the Majesty Lumberjack, which is the 122mm underfoot powder ski.  I usually ski a 178 and I'm on the 194 Lumberjack and it didn't feel long to me at all due to the tip and tail rocker.  The lumberjack is actually cambered underfoot and rockered tip and tail, so it does really well inbounds too for a big fat ski.  Compared to trying to take K2 pontoons down a groomer there is no comparison.  Back country, the Lumberjacks were really great.  I've skied the K2 pontoon and the K2 Coomba and the Lumberjacks were easily as fun and easy to ski in deep powder if not more so.


I also demo'd the Thunderbolt's for a day -- the conditions were dust on crust and in those conditions I would have liked a stiffer ski cambered from tip to tail, but the Thunderbolts were just fine, I didn't really think about them which is usually a good sign. 


In terms of downsides, the graphics won't be to everyone's taste.  Also, the conditions were pretty bony -- one of my friends got a pretty bad core shot on the first day, and I got a deep scratch as well.  Was it just because we both hit sharp rocks, or is it because the base is softer or more thin than other skis?  Who knows.


I'll also say that the Stage goggles that came as part of the bundle were no joke -- it's a seriously nice goggle.  The ski shop guy told me they are a local Salt Lake City company.  The helmet compatibility is great, they are super comfortable, and have a very nice range of view.  We skied a variety of bright sun to flat light conditions and the tint handled everything well.


Overall that pair of goggles plus a pair of skis for $250 brand new is hard to beat -- call them up before they're gone.

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