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Salomon X-Wave boots: Wide!

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I have the widest foot ever, and went to Surefoot here in Australia to buy boots last week.
Tried on their three widest boots: Technica Icon (black), Atomic BetaRide carbon 9.50, and Salomon X Wave 9. (I'm female, and an instructor, and wanted something a tad softer flexing than my old race boots).

The X-wave won easily, being wider and flatter than the others. I had them blow out the sides a bit, and more will be required after I've skiied them.
Has anyone else experienced teh X=Waves?

(5'3", 70kg - heavy - fairly technical skiier).

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Hi welcome back.
I have not skied the xwave yet but I will offer this advice, If you have not yet had them blow out the edges, Make sure you get the orthotics first and try them. I have found that a correctly made orthotic sounds like it would take more space and make the foot tighter but the opposite actually happens. When you have an orthotic in there your foot does not flatten out as much and your actual foot dimensions are narrower than when you are in a tennis shoe or soft sided shoe. Just a thought....The stretching of the boot should be your last resort. Also make sure you are not too far down in the boot bed. If you notice the boot shell gets narrower as you get towards the sole. If you get below the widest part of the boot it will seem like you are getting cramped. Actually putting a little bit of space between the bottom of the boot and the footbed sometimes helps.
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Good advice dchan...

Glad you found them I understand, I have a EE-EEE wide foot with a narrow heel. Th Salomons are close!

I have a good friend who teaches in NC, and she has a wide, but tiny foot. I understand that some shops in OZ have a bit of the Pacific Rim size runs for the Asian customers?

I'm asking, because finding a
22.5 or 21.5 advanced to expert boot for her is a problem. She is right in between those lengths.

So, you are at Perisher. Kewl. You know Bob Irwin, perhaps? Call him SATAN the next time you see him, if you do know him, he will freak!

Always wanted to ski on top of those bushes, I understand that sap in those things is a great wax substitute... ROFLMAO

bte, I teach at Breck, CO...

¯¯¯/__ SnoKarver snokarver@excite.com
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footbeds: I've had them for all my shoes since the 80s (orthotics) and got some new Surefoot ones made up last year.

I have EEE feet. No one makes EEE ski boots, you have to blow them out. Tiny heels too, what a rotten combination. (and flat splayed out feet, no instep). AND a huge calf muscle!

Watching TV in the boots, I'm finding I'll have to have all the pointy bits blown out, heaps of pressure there.

As for what Oz stock, well we run to wider than normal feet, as we grow up in bare feet, thongs and sandals, so our feet spread out. We have quite a few asian people here, but in teh bootshops I visited, sizings seemed to start at 23. Has your friend considered kids race boots?

I'll keep an eye out for this Irwin character!!!

Breckenridge, eh? I'm about to accept a job offer at Keystone...Vail could only offer me a job teachign tinies (lack of quals and experience), and I expect Breck would be similar.
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