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Suggestions Please

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Hi All,


  I'm a beginner skier looking to purchase my first pair of skis.  I live in New I'll only be skiing one ski vacation a year. With that said, I have the typical beginner/interm skier ability/limitations.. I typically ski out west. Utah, CO, NM. I'll obviously be front side only.  I'm a very active 43 year old male. 5'6, 135#.

   It was suggested to me by a fairly respected ski tuner (who is often referred to on this site) that I try Volkl RTM 75 skis. Comments about these skis and suggestions for any good all around skis for my needs and ability would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance, John

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You live in NOLA, ski once a year on holiday, and you're begin/int.



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Thanks but N.O..... I'm a gear whore and I like my toys.
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RTM is a good choice, but there are much more skis out there. Most of the big resorts will have demos and rentals, go and demo some skis, then buy what you like. If you are new to the sport don't go with wide rocker skis, learn on 80's under the foot and standard camber. IF you ever hit a powder day somewhere and want to try to enjoy it, then rent a wide powder ski with a rocker. 


Some all mt. skis to look at besides RTM: 


Castle MX (premium skis) 

Rossi Experience 

Blizzard Magnum 


There are much more out there. I'd demo them. If I myself to buy something for the front side without demo, Castle and Rossi would be my choice from the above list. 

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Have to agree with Artemat.


Don't just look at one ski brand.


Also when you get Demo/Test ski rental, make sure you exchange the ski out during the day.


If you go to Vail, Gravity Jones is where I went to rent demos. They were the only ski shop that had the blizzard magnums and I was able to swap out skis for no additional charge. Pretty reasonable at $48/day including tax.

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Originally Posted by Theseventh1 View Post

Thanks but N.O..... I'm a gear whore and I like my toys.


And those toys will be a year old, with 7 days, then 2 years old with 14 and the new stuff will look so fine...... Hey, whatever.

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Welcome to EpicSki. My advice is to spend your money on properly fitted boots from a reputable boot fiiter. If you're going to Taos or CO or UT, there are reliable fitters in all three locations. Decide where your first trip will be, then contact a fitter close to that location and make an appointment for the day you arrive. If your boots don't fit, your feet will be miserable and cold and you won't have fun. Boots are the most important piece of gear you will buy for skiing, so do it right and your feet will be happy for many years.
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions.  I'm taking them all into consideration....even the renting idea.  In regards to the boot idea, I totally agree.  I bought boots last year and am now interested in skis. I'm looking for something that makes skiing easy and enjoyable now but also allows me to grow. Equally important is that I don't wont anything too advanced that makes skiing difficult now.  Again, I"ll mainly be skiing out west for yearly ski vacation, so any continued suggestions for those conditions and my needs would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks again, John

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