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Hello, Gandolf!

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Already on "G" for named winter storms this season, this one looks like it might make skiing very good in the Northern Rockies this weekend. It's been sunny and dry since before Christmas, so we're plenty ready for a major storm. I just wish they'd picked Grendel the dreaded Monster rather than Gandolf the beloved Hobbit (that's the spelling I saw, though it's not Tolkien's).


Here's the preview -- actually looks like a big section of the U.S. and Canada are en route of this storm. 

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    Great news and info for areas impacted.  Small fyi, Gandalf is one of seven wizards (vey tall, long white hair, beard, white horse).  The hobbits are very short, hairy feet,,,hence called "halflings."  Given that, must be a very powerful storm..blanketing the area in magical white!

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Can you tell I never read the books or saw the movies? redface.gif


Gandalf looks like he'd make a darn fine storm:

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I tried reading one book but gave up after 32 pages of crossing the same *&#@@@ field!   You'd think they were crawling across it (maybe Tolkien was being paid by the word!).  Anyway, agree.......must be an awesome storm on the way!!!!

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Lucky us...rain and thunderstorms.

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Hope it spreads a little south -- mm and I leave on Saturday for Aspen -- we will be driving to Alta next Wednesday.  Any snow is good news!

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The naming scheme for winter storms is a Weather Channel innovation and is not observed by the National Weather Service, Accuweather, Weather Underground or other organizations.  I don't think it will catch on as many see it as a power play by TWC to dramatize winter storms.  I guess Gandolf is as good as any, but they really ought to name it after the wizard and not someone's dog.

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Son of a Hobbit!!...will be having a fun drive from Manitoba to Montana snowfalling.gif



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It's here. 

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Hot damn! I'm returning from Costa Rica on Sunday. Hope all the Montana areas are buried by then.
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We've had snow pretty much since the tourists left, 20 inches in the last four days.  Good stuff.

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Looking at mid 70s here this weekendnonono2.gif

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Originally Posted by Ski Spirit View Post

I tried reading one book but gave up after 32 pages of crossing the same *&#@@@ field!   You'd think they were crawling across it (maybe Tolkien was being paid by the word!).  Anyway, agree.......must be an awesome storm on the way!!!!

The first chapter is extremely boring and descriptive.  I was only able to make it through because my friends told me it got better.   It does.  By chapter 5 I couldn't put it down.  If you skip the first chapter, you won't like it either though; you have to have that in you to appreciate/care about the rest.

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I've read the series four times since high school, always skipped all the darn songs poems. That being said, I thought the movies were better.

Can't say the same for The Hobbit.
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so any love for the upper midwest? i have no idea what that map means.

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Resorts reporting 8-9 inches overnight, but hopefully it's just a lull. Yesterday's gym classes at school: The resorts are only a few miles away but the snow came in all at once and one of the buses got stuck in a ditch. It was nearly dark before all the kids got rounded up. Grinning from ear to ear. Skiing in a white out blizzard where it's getting better every minute is a real treat. School cancelled today, snow day....



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Today's morning news -- check the temperature at midway. It's supposed to get real cold today. It's also BB's birthday today with $15 tickets for skiers who carpool with 3 or more in the car. 



Snow Report for Friday, January 11th, 2013 at 07:29am
New Snowfall 5"
24hr Snowfall 7"
Seasonal Snowfall 114"
Settled Base Depth 42"
Base Area Temperature 2°F
Mid-Mountain Temperature -7°F
Mid-Mountain Wind 2mph
Base Area Wind 0mph
Ridge Wind 8mph
Relative Humidity 79%
Number of Trails Open 71 of 71 (100%)
Number of Lifts Open 7 of 7
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We had a clear day for once.  Found my ski legs.  



Settled Base 78"/199cm
Overnight Fresh 0"/0cm
24hr New Snow 0"/0cm
Total Snow to Date 129"/328cm
Last 7 Days 21"/54cm
Temperature 3°F/-16°C
Visibility Cloudy - Good
Wind 10 N
Settled Base 58"/148cm
Settled Base 30"/77cm
Overnight Fresh 0"/0cm
24hr New Snow 0"/0cm
Total Snow to Date 62"/158cm
Last 7 Days 16"/41cm
Temperature 10°F/-12°C
Visibility Cloudy - Good
Wind 5-10 N


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Whitefish looks amazing, sibhusky! Nice camera work, great subject. 

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A photo of my daughter at Snowbowl today -- she fell into a hole and could not get out.



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And here from Park City....








Not enough snow to completely cover some of the Volkswagen size bumps, but we'll take it...

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Oh well... nice shots, Sibhusky, Nolo... I hope you dug her out..! I was down in SLC yesterday and, wierdly, it's like they got twice the snow that the mountains got. Looked like 18"+ in some places on the bench. Plows had a rough time because of all the parked cars, a real mess. The resorts got a much needed fresh coat of snow, 8-10", but seems like "Gandolf" was upside down. 

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I was not impressed with Gandolf's visit to Bozeman, bring us bitter cold temps and just 5" of new snow. That's the problem with Arctic fronts -- the temps get too cold and the moisture gets dried out. But dang, I do enjoy the anticipation!

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There was also a visit from Glen Plake to Montana this weekend. He was at Snowbowl today, here hanging with the MSEF coaches during a training clinic. 


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