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Moose on the Loose

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haha funny video

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I just saw this moose at Sugarbush this past Sunday January 6th.  He was directly under the Slide Brook chair on our way over to Mt. Ellen.  We rode right over him, the chair was about 15 feet above the snow at that point. He then wandered about twenty yards into the woods when we rode the lift back to the Sugarbush side about 90 minutes later.  That was the closest I have ever been to a moose, and boy was he big up close!

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I was hiking the Appalachian Trail in Maine about 39 years ago and this big mutha steps right out of the bush and nearly stepped on my buddy and me. He stopped and looked at us from 10 feet away turned and walked back in. Guess we weren't worth the trouble. He might have been 7 or 8 foot at the shoulders. I'll never forget it.


Never saw more than a porcupine at the Bush in all my years, you never know.

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couple of years ago my son and I were on Peak 7 lift at Breck and moose and calf came out of the woods.  Got some VERY funny reactions from folks cresting the roller above the woods where they appeared.

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