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Yes - to my knowledge all the other caps out there are "cosmetic caps", the cap itself not being the load bearing and force distribution medium.
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Don't some of the Volants have wood cores in them also?
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Yes - in fact I still have several x-section's of Volant from when I worked for them . . . they are all vertical laminate wood core.
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Yeah, the use of wood is not load bearing. Not like in a traditional ski. It does two things... helps the snap (feel) when coming in and out of reverse camber, and keeps the "square tube" shape from failing by "kinking".

Think of a short, soda straw. Bend gently in in an arc between your two palms. Keep adding bend. Uh oh. It just kinked.

Pack foam in the soda straw. More bend, still kinks. Now try a tightly fitting toothpick. Lot more bend, but stiffer. Works for me. Keep the walls of the tube from failing in a small area. Spread that force, no kinkage. I like the wood core feel. Old early Volants had a foam core, and they broke easier.

I have always wondered about a composite, or maybe "chip & glue" core construction, changing densities. Like being used in newer construction, for designing the flex characteristics. As opposed to picking wood and grain carefully, laminates ala traditional wood core/glass wrap designs.

When I grow up, I wanna be a ski tester/designer...

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No worries, I don't think you are 'bursting' anything. All of us who watched this evolve remember that Salomon was the first to mass produce a cap. Its funny, all the arguments from people resisting the move towards shaped skis sound much like much like the arguments against caps 10 years ago.

Anyways, we are in agreement and I still get to live in my 'bubble' I think. My point wasn't of patents but of construction, those Elans and Salomons were capped but the cap was not the primary load-bearing/energy transfer structure. The irony is that part of Salomons argument for cap skis was that pressure could be directed with more speed and accuracy to the edges because of the cap - it might have helped, but only Bucky & Hank used a material that was strong enough to actually implement that concept. Perhaps some of the new composite materials can work in the same way - thats a question for PhysicsMan.
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Outside of the world of skis, monocoque goes way back in early planes trains, automobiles and... many ancient, tough little boats. Opel Manta cars (old favorite toys) were a structurally stiff, tight little tube structure. As are most cars today. Umm, egg shape strength.

Salomon had a patent for a specific monocoque construction method I think, thoough they messed with the wording and copyright stuff. Marketechture.

I still want a to try a big sidecut, short but stiffer Volant than what is available now. Have not tried the newer Machete carving version yet.

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Add another volant owner to the list. I had a pair of the original Machete Gravity sticks. They were great and I got about 50 days on them. Then last May at a-basin the shovel delaminated, sent them back to volant and a brand new pair of 2001 Machete Gravity G are now in the garage.

The warranty is a main reason why I went with volant. They replace broken skis, no questions asked.
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A Bad news-Good news scenerio for Volant gearhead junkies:

The bad news: Volantsports.com has yet to be updated with the 2001-02 product offerings.

The good news: click on peterkeelty.com for a taste of what Volant has to offer for the up coming season.
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I saw the T3 Power the other day. Stiff in flex, but the cosmetics are golden indeed. You have to see the color of the me5tal in this ski, it to truly believe it.

Marry this one with the new Marker Piston 1400 binding. Could be an awesome package !?
Due to its stiffness, the lower priced SC binding would have little effect.

Now that this ski interests me, I wonder how it will measure up with Volkls offering with the Marker binding, I think it is called the Vertigo, but I will check that out as well.

My present PK's are 193's, do I dare go down to a 185 or even a 180 in the T3 Power ?

Lets talk this one up a little. Going to have to demo even though I won't be in alignment when I do.
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Checked it out, the Volkls with the integrated binding have the designation
" motion."
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I have seen, but not skied the new PK. If it's stiffer, I liiiikkkkkkeeeee!

I have a newer Marker SC on a pair of Rossignol Viper 10.2's. Quite stiff, and I still notice the SC. But it IS more dramatic on my T3 Powers, and Olin Selkirks, which are softer.

I have to demo all the time without my cants. It's a PITA, but I can still tell a lot about the skis.

BTW, a dusting of snow on some western peaks by Vail Pass this afternoon...
yes, I said S * N * O W. It'll melt right away, but it sure is purty!

The news from Volant is interesting. I hope the "time off" will help their bottom line. If not, well, there may bome volants available for le$$, then I'll ski on Heads, or Atomic, or something. Would really suck if they go out of business.

Guess the faithful will hang in there, eh?

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Hit on the website. Pretty impressive.

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