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Just thought I would yak about the steel.

I am currently a happy owner of two pairs in the T3 line PowerKarves (midfat, 75 underfoot) in a 183, and SuperKarves (more sidecut, 65 underfoot).

Been skiing the steel since befor shapes (BS?) and repping the steel for a couple of years.

Other ski lines have great skis, but I keep coming back to the steel because they are so smooth and damp. As an expert western skier, and an instructor, Volants ski at low levels as well as ripping the fun snow...

The new T3 SuperKArves are suprisingly beefy!

I'd probably be a Rossi or Atomic guy if was was still in the MidWest, or out east...

¯¯¯/__ SnoKarver snokarver@excite.com
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Well SnoKarver,
I am also a Volant fan and love their products. Currently I ski the PowerKarve 193 cm, vintage the first year they made them.
Before that I had a pair of 180cm. Chubbs the first year they made those, actually still have them except my wife uses them, and won't give them up and that's why I now also have a pair of the Ti Chubb 190 cm. She aslo ahs a pair of 185 2XL's ?We use all of them for midwest skiing, especially the spring stuff, they have amazing flotation.

As for the winter, we get a lot of that icy hard pack snow, due to being at such a low altitude and with high moisture content snow. The Volants have great edge hold. The flex makes gripping the snow that much easier, and the torisional regidity helps maitain the contact.

So keep posting about Volant products, especially the ones you demo. My on snow testing days are over due to the fact that without my underbinding alignment shims,it is very hard to "Karve" and get a true feeling of the ski. Of course Dalbello makes a boot where the alingment is easily adjusted as part of the boot, but you pay a price with a heavier and more clunky boot.

So now there are at least three of us, you, Phil, and myslef as Volant "devotees."
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Hey there, Wink, don't forget about me! I'm on my third pair of Volants ('01 185cm Epics, '01 190cm Chubbs, and a pair of 1st generation 190cm Chubbs) and my wife's next pair will probably be Volants as well.

You gotta love a ski that carves on the groomed, effortly busts through crud, yet still floats over powder. I'm still suprised by how much fun my Chubbs are everywhere on the mountain. I used to bring the Epics and the old Chubbs to the mountain and make my decision after a run or two. Now I just bring the new Chubbs. I still use the Epics for groomed-run skiing and intramural racing. I know, it's not the best ski for racing, but then again I'm not the best racer. The old Chubbs have been relegated to backcountry rock skis and the occasional slush cup, and I may eventually use them for tele skis if I catch the bug.

Anyway, count me (and quite a few skiers at Alyeska) among the Volant faithful. One of the retailers up here said the Chubb was their #2 seller this year, right behind the Bandit XXX.
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Hi Alaska Mike,

Well you should be getting more than 12 hours of daylight now, and yes I love the Volant products. I think for a great numberbof the sking public they have great products.

They are not for everyone, and I can understand why many expert skiers find them lacking.... but hey, how many go anywhere, ski anything, in any weather expert skiers are there...I am going to guess maybe 5-7%.

So that means as much as 93% of the skiing public is a potential Volant customer. Why aren't they making the serous money they deserve to ?<FONT size="1">

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My wife and I have both been Volant fans since the straight skis were current. I started with the FX-3. They were great in all kinds of conditions. Now on Machette G and last years PK. What is the difference between the regular PK and the T-3 PowerKarve?

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All T3's have a new shape and construction.

New magnesium alloy in the tip area, a little more width to the tips, a little narrower in the tail.

A lot of skis have a narrower tail thatn tip now, Dynastar makes a big deal about "pin-tail" technology, etc.

I personally love the now shape. Much easier to do quick fall line turns, even with the Power's.

I too, skied Volants in the Before Shapes (BS?) days. FX-2's, then the Z (wonderful) Z-Max (even better) and still ahve a pair of Z-Max G's, the "race ski".

The Z-Max G's are 208's

Once in a while, some friends and I get together at Keystone for night skiing, and we'll call a "retro night". We'll all go out on the old straight skis, and see if we can still ski.

Takes about an hour, 2-3 runs, and I'm OK again, but too much work!

Ever see a Volant Race-Carve snowboard?

¯¯¯/__ SnoKarver snokarver@excite.com
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Z-MAx G's in 208! Holy Cow! I had 'em in 198, which was probably a bit too long for me. I demoed the 203's once. They felt like they had one speed only - fast fast fast. I sold mine this year to a guy who is about 1/3 bigger than me - he seems to like them.

In April I made a few runs with someone who was on a future model short mid-fat Machette. He loved the ski - very stable, good carver, very quick, and great in difficult snow conditions. He said it was much quicker & better for short radius turns than the Machette G which he usually skis. Don't know if it will be in next season's lineup, or the year after.

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To Jim L,

Please post here if you have anything more on that short Machette G. Also has anyone skied one and how does it compare to the present Mc-G?<FONT size="1">

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I haven't had a chance to ski it myself, so I can't tell you what it skis like compared to the McG except by my friend's comments. He is a long time high level skier and 1st year instructor. This season he was on the Mc G in 178 length. I would guess he's about 6', 170 pounds or so.

The new model looks wider through out than the Mc G, maybe a little wider than the PowerKarve. It also looks like it has more shape. He was skiing it in a pretty short length, I believe either 168 or 173. His opinion was that compared to his own skis it held better on hard snow, was very stable, and that it was really good for carving clean short radius turns. Because of its width it was also really good in heavy powder & crud.

He thought that next season's product line was already set without this ski and that it would be introduced for the following season, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it sooner than that. I understand that short mid-fats were the hot ticket at this year's show in Las Vegas.

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Thanks Jim.
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I waxed my old FX-2s for a few runs at A-Basin tomorrow; too many rocks for the Ti Powers. The latter handles Giant Slurpee conditions very well, which was two weeks ago. Not everyone likes them, but they work for me.
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Hooray!! More volant people!! Every time anyone here asks for advice I steer them towards the steel.

I agree - why aren't more people on these? On three ski holidays in the major European resorts this year I've only seen 4 other pairs, and two of those were owned by Americans. What is going on?

I ski the McG and it is the best thing I've been on for fun and all mountain crazy versatility. The McT is also excellent, and will be joining my quiver next season in the form of the new, shiny "69".

Can't wait. Keep up the good promo work and let's see if we can't make Mr Volant some money so he can keep making great boards...


Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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I love the steel construction, I was with Volant as a tester and rep for awhile - and would go up and see the operation with Bucky and Hank up in Boulder . . . first rate guys and product. I only left because at that time I was wanting a deeper sidecut and they did not make it, this of course quickly changed but by that time I'd signed on with another manufacturer. I miss the steel, the smooth yet responsive feel Buckys work has is absolutely unmatched IMHO. Manufacturers bury electronics and elastomers in their skis to try and get that same smoothness.

But hell, I've been pretty happy on all the new gear lately - I do get a little sucked down memory lane though at remembering when I first tried the steel!
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Welcome Todd - Machete Gravity's, anyone

I am an "on-hill-rep" (still, I think), for Volant. Have been for two seasons.

I still agree about the sidecut thing, tho the Surfers are close. If they would JUST make them stiffer, I would be happier.

The Stockli carving skis make me DROOOL. Ever try them? Ummm, lotsa metal, imagine that.

I am 5'10", and I weight 190-200 lbs. So I tend to prefer a fairly stiff Volant, when I can get them. Like the Legend, or the T3 Supers.

Z-Max G's in a 208 were not too far off for my weight. A bit burly in bumps, they were amazing at speed thru crud. Not as good as the new stuff tho! No way.

I have seen that new, shorter midfat, factory guys had them polished up like mirrors. Dod not get to ski it, but one model was supposed to be stiffer, both had more sidecut. I am EXCITED. YaY!

The T3 PowerKarve is going to be in a gold colored alloy next year..

Head has some very nice new designs too. When I did the PMTS cert thing at Loveland this spring, Harald was on a sweet new mid-fat with a lotta sidecut. The tip shape was nutty!

Sahpely mid fats seem to be coming from everywhere. Good idea!

Skied at A-Basin Sat. Snif, Snif... it's gooone now.

¯¯¯/__ SnoKarver snokarver@excite.com
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Is DL one of their long time rep/testers now? Think maybe I met him at a meeting in Boulder once - but certainly don't actually really know him.
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He was, but is now on the D-Team and volant isn't in the pool. I also think the move had something to do with their development of a race program.

The Hummvee was fun.

Skiing with DL was my first personal experience skiing with U.S. Ski Team caliber. The skill development is so much more complete. He doesn't try to create angles unless they are needed. I haven't yet seen terrain or speed that push his skills in any way. Well there was a clip from the tryouts where everyone had to ski steep, frozen slush bumps with marianas-trench troughs, but I wasn't actually there. It is so much different than any other skiing I have seen. Function...total function.
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Yea, Roto, I have had problems with that myself. And I make things worse because of the stacked cant plates I use. It's hell being big and strong... LOL!

I have had much better luck with the T3's, but I have pulled the bindings loose once on the T3 PowerKarves. They have started to delam a little under the binding now. Dead Soldiers! Again... 400+ days tho.. beat the crap out of them.

The TI's were another story. If I didn't pull the bindings out, the skis would delam under the bindings. Yea, I do ski a lot of bumps. Kinked a pair in front of the toepiece to. Wonderful skiing ski, but glueing titanium alloys is a real PITA.

The Z's were never like that for me. The Z, ZMax, and ZMax G's all held up nicely. I probably put over 400 days on those Z's. Liked the plain ZMax the best for all around.

But nothing like the new ones.

I have noot heard of too many problems with the Machete's. I probably get a pair of those new shorty carving ones.

BTW, the Epic and the Surfer have the same sidecut specs. Epic is wimpier.

Hey I wonder if my buddy JH is the guy that took DL's gig when he left? LOL!

Heads are very nice. HArald was on the yellow ones. I like that Monster Cross... it's a lot of fun. I would probably ski Head if I did not like the steel so much.
Or Stockli!

Used to be a Hexcel freak. I Have a thing about metal... LOL!

I am going to ski tomorrow AM, 4th of July Bowl, hiking Peak 10 at Breck, But I will be on my non-Volant Rock skis... Olin Selkirks.

¯¯¯/__ SnoKarver <A HREF="http://communities.msn.com/SnoPeople

" TARGET=_blank>http://communities.msn.com/SnoKarver

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I skied the steel for about five seasons. I'll never forget the first day. It was on the Z ski. They really helped me learn to leave the ski on the snow and let it work. I loved the Z Max G. Skied the 208. I laugh now to think about a ski that long. I only had one problem. They never held up. It's not that I bent or broke them. I kept ripping the bindings out. Water would always get into the core through the screwholes & push the base out under the heel and I would end up with a HUGE bevel. I learned to ski a reverse wedge(while going forward)though. I tried cut screws, Short screws, risers, grommets, silcone... I weigh in at 220 (6'5") so maybe they just decambered deeply because of my weight. My last ski was the Super I, but I liked the Power.

Steal the ski, run like Thunder

By coincidence, I am on Head now. Was Harald on a Red, Yellow, or black ski? They do have a funky tip. I think the idea is similar to when snowboarders started squaring their tips off to reduce off-snow board area. I also think it allows a more radical sidecut with less tip Remember the Kneissel ERGOs??(Clown Feet)

Head's product is the best, bar-none product I have ever skied. They are really onto something. So are the boots. Their boots are so good I felt like I was cheating. I noticed in Harb's videos he's got Head stuff.

Hey Todd, do you know DL (NW Rep)? I worked for him. He took me 4xing.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...
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Hiya Phil... the Secret Society of the Steel


I actually liked my FX-2's. They were a little sluggish, but so smoooth. That was
my first steel ski as well.

Of course, I don't mind sluggish skis...
Remember the "Graves" from the 70's?

Damp man, reaalllly damp. LOL!

I think shorter and more radically
shaped designs for the Volants need
to be explored more.

Like to see them make a FAT skiboard
shorty ski too. Maybe a 130, as wide
as the Chubbs, more sidecut.

That would be an amusing toy...
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Do you remember the logo they used?
A gravedigger with a shovel saying "I dig Graves!"
That thick rubber topsheet that aided the damping made mounting binding strange.
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I had a red knit hat with a black and white "I dig Graves" patch sewn on it, swag from the local ski shop. I vaugely remember some goulish guy with a shovel in advertising, but my patch was just the words. Parents HATED that hat. Original Grunge? My Graves were a demo model, black instead of the usual brick red color. Besser plate bindings.

The logo had a simple white billboard look, kind of "modern" italicized block letters that were striped crosswise. And the drilling WAS weird, similar for Volant's, eh?

Bent the crap out of them, at Bridger Bowl. Oooops! Replaced them with Head Yahoos.

Hey what's down this run? SnoKarver

<FONT size="1">

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How long did the Yahoos last?

I remember one day at work a co-worker was extolling the virtues of the Yahoo to an eager customer. The guy was ready to buy but John loved to talk. He went to show the customer the flex of the ski for just one time too many and broke the damn shovel. It was amazing. We all fell to the floor laughing except for the would-be customer. He wanted those skis right up to the point that John so aptly demonstrated the limit of their elasticity.

No sale.

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Oh, I eventually snapped the left one, right in front of the binding.

Took me two seasons though, I liked those Yahoos, kind of an early mid-fat. Ditto the Blizzrd Wizards.

I do break stuff. Typically, I snapped skis near the toepiece. Lotsa bumps. Don't break skis very often anymore, more elasticity in the bindings, and smoother technique.
I'd bend the skis with metal in them. Loudest SNAPS out of skis? Hexcels and Dura-Fibers. Sounds like a small caliber pistol going off.

Skis I NEVER broke; Non metal-layered Kastles, Dynamics, Elans.

Hey what's down this run? SnoKarver
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The loudest snap I ever heard was from a pair of MV2's. I was trying to take a bend out of the forebody on the bending bars at work. The drill was to file all of the nicks out of the top edges, remove the bindings, warm the ski up nicely with the heat gun and sloooowly apply pressure.

I had been working on this ski for a while and the bend was really set. Probably too sharp a bend to come out in the first place. I was the doctor, however, and not ready to pronounce this patient dead. We always told the customer when they brought them in that if they had us attempt to straighten them there was a good chance that they would break.

"We break 'em, you take 'em. No charge."

For some reason I hadn't felt it necessary to remove the Look Nevada toes. I had the ski nice and warm and was bent down with my hands on the tail of the ski, the tail down close to my ankles and the tips were in the bars at bench height. Like I said, I had been working on these guys for a while and had gotten aggressive (but smooth). My head was right down next to the toe piece when the top sheet broke across the front screw. Really loud! Like you said, a gunshot. The top sheet peeled back to the heelpiece and straightened out in a flash. Had my face been in the way it might as well have been a gunshot. The top sheet and toe piece went past my head and immediately, the tension was off of the tail of the ski. I went to lunch.

I'll bet that both the Hexcel and Durafibre made interesting sounds breaking.

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I skied a lot on both T3 Epics and T3 Supers this year and ended up buying the Supers since I liked them that much.

Both the Epics and Supers provide quite an amazing amount of grip on ice and hardpack. I found the Epic to be the easier, more alround to ski, while the Super is quite energetic for a Volant.

What I really liked about the Super was the amount of energy provided coming out of a turn, it actually took me a while to get acustomed to the 'shove' I was getting. Another thing I particularly liked was how easy it is to tighten up your turn when necesarry.

I ended up buying the Supers a little shorter (188cm) than adviced for my height and weight, but find that this is actually just right for me.

Note that although for Volants standards these skis are quite light, they still are a little heavier than most of the competition
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Well, Semmed, I knew there was something I liked about ya!

I love my T3 Supers, they are pretty amazing. Volants may have not changed as much as some other brands recently, but why mess with success. Evolutionary change is good, but METAL is an awesome material for skis. Period...

Thanks for your comments. I wish Volants were not such a cult thing... I think that they are a very strong ski, and though I am over 40 (45 on the 9th ) I am NOT an old guy. I'm 45 going on 25, mmmmm K?

Heads, Atomics, and Stocklis are my favorite "other brands", tho I do have a pair of Rossignol Mtn Viper 10.2's for early season "aaayyyyyiiiceee". I think that was a proper "Hunta" accent, eh?

Enjoy your posts and questions, check out the "link on my name"... Maybe we will get to ski together sometime...

Visit me here &gt;&gt;&gt;SnoKarver
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Just a comment on Volants in general, though I was once a rep/tester for them - its been years. But they have one thing dead on. The entire concept of the cap-ski was that forces could be transmitted directly through the topskin to the edge, without needing to travel through other layers of material. I think there are many wonderful skis out there these days. But the the fact is, only Volant has actually stuck with and implimented the original "cap" concept of the cap being an "integral" cap. A cap that is actually the load bearing structure.<FONT size="1">

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I am still reasonably new to the sport of skiing so I'm not sure why Volant ended up with the 'old geezers' image. My ski-buddies were very negative about Volant on the day that I demoed the T3 Epics for the first time; therefore I didn't expect much and was very pleasantly surprised. Upon further investigation it turned out that none of them had ever skied Volants; their statements had been entirely based on Volants reputation.

I am 34 years old and I have not met anybody my age or younger that skies on Volants.
Ha! I can be the trendsetter
<FONT size="1">

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I have about a dozen pair of skis in my quiver, but if I had to have just one pair of skis, it would be the PowerKarvers, no doubt about it.

Jim from Idaho
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Monocoque Rocks! For skis, cars, and other stressed members. Like Tubular, man!

No dirty comments allowed.

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