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Taking the Plunge - First Set of Skis and Bindings

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Hello all,


Some basic information about me:

After some time on the slopes and not wanting to rent skis any longer, I have decided to take the plunge and get myself some gear. Looking at around a $500-600 budget for skis and bindings together. Looking for something that I will be able to grow into. After looking around and doing a bit of research by searching around I have come to a few front runners (see below), but I am not tied to any of them in particular and with a proper argument, would be more than happy to look at other options.


Where in the world are you skiing? 

I will be skiing in SW Michigan right now, but also looking at skiing in Northern Michigan with friends.


What kinds of terrain do you prefer (groomed runs, moguls, race course, park'n'pipe, trees, steeps, backcountry/sidecountry)

Have been doing mostly groomed runs, but would like the ability to venture out and try other areas.


How many days a year do you ski?

Looking at going around 10-15 times/year.


How advanced are you as a skier?

I would say that I am currently progressing into an intermediate skier.


What's your height and weight? 

I am 5'8", 230 lbs


As it stands, I am between the following skis:

2012 Dynastar Legend 85

2012 K2 Recoil


The following for bindings:

Salomon STH 12


Once again, not 100% sold on any of these, just ones that I have arrived at through some independent research. Many thanks in advance for all the help/suggestions!

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Also, forgot to mention that I am looking at the following sizes for the skis:


172 cm - Dynastar Legend 85

169 cm - K2 Recoil

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You can't go very far wrong with the Legend 85.    It's a very versatile ski that will work in any condition you're going to find in Michigan.  There are better choices for the extra-firm days, but that means going with a ski that is specifically engineered to carve on ice, rather than a general purpose ski.


My approach is to have a pair of each - the  Legend 85 for softer conditions, and the Course Ti for the boilerplate.  If you're just going to have one pair, I'd opt for the Legends.


Don't know anything about the K2 Recoil.

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Thanks for using the template.


If you are working on a budget and are a relatively new skier (as it sounds), suggest you set some of the money aside for getting your new skis tuned regularly. Especially in the east and midwest, a mid-range pair of skis with a good tune is a lot more fun and will help you learn faster than a high-end ski that has ten days of use on abrasive manmade without a wax or sharpening.


As a 5' 8" skier who is "progressing into an intermediate" and "looking at" skiing 10 - 15 days, you are not going to want a super long ski. The lengths you mention are plausible in that respect. However, at 230lbs you may want to lean toward a ski whose flex is on the stiff side. If you have a lesson in your near future, you might ask for a ski suggestion from a pro who has watched you ski.


I like the Sultan for my own use, and so do others here, but I am pretty different in physique and apparent experience, so that may not mean a whole lot. Good luck and have fun. This will not be your last pair of skis, so don't stress over it too much.

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