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X max 100s and stretching at the buckle

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First off, I have read a ton of posts in this forum and there is so much useful insight. I am looking for some of that with a couple questions. I recently bought a pair of x max 100s, 27.5...my question is that they are said to be 98mm at 26, so is there a normal proportional movement of width as you increase the length? So maybe my 27.5 is actually a 100mm possibly?

This leads into my next question. I got about 12mm room with a shell fit and my feet are about 101mm wide with a thin socks. I had the boot fitter expand the shell a bit in the bunion area which did help. I don't really have a 6th toe but my 4th and 5th toes seem like they don't have enough volume in the box...all other toes feel great. I do have custom Amfit beds that I got back in 2005 for tecnica diablo flames at 28.5...so I am down a size which was a good idea. Right where the buckle latch is on the outside of the boot puts pressure on the side of my foot which is quite uncomfortable after about 30 mins. I feel like the pressure is probably cutting off the blood flow to my toes. Could this be?

Is it possibly to stretch the shell where the buckle is? Or is that not really an option? The shell fit has the sides of my feet almost brushing the sides...

Any help would be great. I am heading out to SLC in Feb and CMH at Revelstoke in March, so I want to get this squared away before then.

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welcome to Epic...


shouldn't be a problem to punch the shell where the clip is, it may limit the amount you can do it without some distortion(which can mostly be avoided with care) but from what you say it sounds like a very small amount of adjustment is needed


the other thing worth considering is the footbed, not sure there are too many Amfit fans on here, most of us prefer the mark 1 human eyeball to get the shape of our inserts right, that and it is 7 years old, so it may be time to change it


good luck getting sorted, have a great season

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if you need last minute help, I'm in banff (or take me with you for the week?)

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Appreciate the input...MNTLION, my buddy broke his kneecap and won't be going with me so I know there is a open spot!!! The tecnicas I got back on Xmas 2005 was done in steamboat at a shop there at the mountain. I am a huge proponent of paying for quality so hopefully I can get this x max working for me by the time I go to SLC. If not I would consider getting fitted again out there...being in OH doesn't give a lot of options, but my guy is competent and has all the right tools.

I think the combo of a thinner sock, new footbed which is prob thinner than the amfit, and a shell stretch on the buckle will do the trick. I prob need some cant adjustment as I feel like I stand more on the inside edge rather than flat.

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was the shell heat molded to your foot?



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Hey Jim, 


Yep, I watched them bake and they were hot enough my guy had to wear gloves to buckle them up.  Strapped them on tight and stood there for about 20 mins in a ski stance, and full flexed a couple times.  Liner was then pulled and baked.  Liners were returned to the boots and repeated the stance for another 20 or so.  Its def interesting that the shell moves so much more than the shell on my tecnicas.


Maybe a re-bake in my future?  maybe they weren't buckled tight enough to form on that side of my foot?



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when baked, did the bootfitter use toecaps?, or any hard foam bits to help make room for your boney spots?



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Hey Jim. Negatory, hindsight that is a good idea, but not sure if it should have been thought of at the time...was back there last night and we went over the spots I marked with some tape. He took down some notes and I will be back there tonight. The toe is neoprene so I doubt it's gonna keep a stretch anyway. We did make up some new footbeds to replace my old amfits...much thinner and should help my minor pronation.

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so the toe cap/foam bits are to get the shell to adjust a tad more when heat molding. It is a good way to get the space that you need as part of the fitting process instead of chasing the bone on shell spots with punching or grinding.


it should be an automatic part of the molding process of any of the custom shell options out there. sounds like your fitter is doing a different approach. 



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Ah...great point. Went back tonight and the adjustments by the buckle were spot on...fits like a glove, toes are the only thing that moves. Only thing left is a bit of cant squaring...one thing I was really impressed with was the ability for him to ask me questions that have him the right insight. Prob gonna have to bring him a case of PBR when all is said and done.

Are the cant adjustments supposed to change your stance or change the angle of how the boot sits? So if I stand normal, I can tell I pronate. So if I square the boots up it strains a bit on the inner leg, is that what we are going for?

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canting needs on snow evaluation.   I'll come help...

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MTNLION - do you need me to provide cmh your information? Lol....I still haven't got an answer from my first question about proportional width as the boot gets longer. Is this a valid "theory"? I have to say that you boot fitters on this forum sound like you try to answer these questions honestly which is great.

MTLION - the wisdom is appreciated and as long as the taxi ride from the Calgary aikport isn't crazy I might try to come convince you to come with to Revelstoke. BUSINESS EXPENSE????

JIM - Cali might be a bit out of the way, but I have never skied in CA. One of the only Western states on my list.

Thanks all

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the width of a boot changes 2-3mm per size


so 100mm in size 26 = average


104mm/28 = still average


94mm/23 = still average

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Be certain not to confuse canting and cuff alignment.  Although many manufacturers now put the word "cant" on the cuff alignment screws it is a wrong, stupid marketing and completely incorrect use of the word.  I doubt you will find anyone here that interchanges cuff alignment and canting.  The process is to get correctly posted footbeds if needed, have shells punched and ground as necessary to pain and foot function, have cuffs aligned and finally have canting done, again only if necessary.



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Lou:    You forgot about the "take your boot fitter heli skiing" rule!!!

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Lou - good point, I was using incorrectly. I am almost certain that my skis aren't flat on the snow at a stand still. Probably slightly on my inside edge. My local guy and I agreed that I would go out and get some runs in at the local "hill" (300 vert feet) and report back to see if we need to dial it in anymore. I bet I am on my inside edges at standstill only 5mm or so. I have been skiing for 25+ of my 29 years. You guys think an alignment could make a big enough difference? I am gonna have to look up how a cuff alignment actually works.

Mtnlion - I am telling you, business expense!! Revelstoke, march 9th, book it!

After reading tons of threads on this forum, I can't help but think that the mountains would be 50% more crowded if people got boots that were properly fitted...

Thanks guys....
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