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do I need a car at Stowe?

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I'm considering a trip to Stowe this season. It would my first trip to an eastern ski resort (I moved to Washington DC from Montana 4 years ago). Would I need to rent a car, or is it easy enough to take a taxi from the airport to a hotel, then take a shuttle bus every day to the ski area?


FWIW, this would be my first skiing since moving from Bozeman to Washington DC about 4 years ago. I've zeroed in on Stowe because it seems like a good mountain, and easy to reach from DC. My ski ability has probably regressed to "Level 2 Beginner" smile.gif

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Assuming you're flying into Burlington, then it's still about an hour to hour and half to Stowe.  If you're staying at the resort itself, you may want to see if they have a shuttle service before you rent a car. 


The buses are good, and you won't need a car in town, but it's not a quick ride to the mountain from the airport, and Burlington is nothing like Boston, where cabs are a plenty.  When are you going?  I'm heading up MLK weekend. 

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Do you know where you are staying? Some places are more convenient than others. The way Stowe is set up, there is a  village at Rt. 100 with some hotels/B&Bs, etc. But the mountain is about 2 or 3 miles up the Mountain Road which has lots of motels all along its route. Think (or talk with the hotel) about proximity to dining choices as well as getting to the ski area. Almost all of the restaurants are either on the Mt. Road or the village. There is also a lower village that is a mile or so further south on Rt. 100. I have always driven there (from PA) so I don't know about shuttles/buses.

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You'll need a car to make the 1 hour drive to Jay Peak. If you're in Stowe for a week, you'd be crazy to miss a day at Jay.

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There is a village shuttle service; see, and there's a link to the mountain road shuttle on that page.  You could get around on that.


Mountain Road itself is about six or seven miles long, from the village end to the ski resort end.  About the first half of that is pretty populated with restaurants and hotels and shops and other stuff.  The Matterhorn (a bar) -- which many people consider the most useful establishment on Mountain Road -- is up close to the mountain end.


Basically, you *could* get around without a car, but you'd be walking or waiting for the bus quite a bit.

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Burlington is 45 minutes from Stowe, you would need to miss the Stowe/Waterbury exit, drive all the way to Montpelier and then drive back to Stowe to make it take an hour and a half. You wouldn't 'need' a car in Stowe, but it can be nice. 


Check out the Green Mountain Inn's 'Ski, Ride and Stay' package, it's one of the best Hotels in Stowe and with this deal it's like staying for $20 a night. If you were staying sans car, it's a great location to access restaurants and 'stuff' and easy to get the bus.

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Then start out at Spruce Peak

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Thanks for all the good info - sounds like a car is not an absolute necessity but still desirable. I'll look into the Green Mountain Inn. I'll be traveling alone. Thinking last week in February.

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make sure you go to matterhorn... best spot for getting toasty at nite

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