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Replace Sultan 85?

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2 quiver setup..

More of a mental exercise at this point, thinking that I'll demo and pick up a set at the end of the season.

Currently running Dynastar Course Ti (172) (my teaching ski - Ontario CSIA level 1) and Sultan 85 (178) Thinking that I'd like to replace the Sultans. When traveling west last season - deeper and stepper - I found the Sultans good but hard to crank around when it got really steep. Obviously skill has a lot to do with it - but I'm wondering what the next step in ski that I could look at.


Me.. 55 yrs, 6'2" 187lbs more a advance finesse skier than a power driver.





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Someone just lobbed a pair of 178cm Dynastar Outland 87 onto the "for sale" board.  A well reviewed ski, with only a handful of days on them [edit - 2 days on them].  If you're a Dynastar guy they're a great option - a progression from the Sultan 85, with early rise.  There are reviews out there comparing the two.


Best of luck.

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