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Volkl V?

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I realize that this is probably a post for the PowderMag or Freeze forum, but I trust opinions here more. I just picked up a pair of 168-cm demos w/Tyrolia bindings. They are in sweet shape. I have never tried them, and purchased them on a gamble. Any info as to their park riding and overall sking characteristics would be great!
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I've ridden the Volkl V once for 2 hrs so here's my opinion on them from a limited experience. Also note that this was back in december so my mind is a bit foggy.

The volkl V isn't as good as say the 1080 the dynastar Candide Pro model. 1080 is built off the x-scream series platform which really shows when you're skiing all over the mntn. It's really stable though it has soft flex. The V is a little more chitter chattery on the hardpack then what i've come to expect of volkls. They ski pretty well, but the 1080 handles alot better...say...a comparison between a used car that hasn't had it's engine tune for a while and a car that has had its engine recently tuned and rebuilt. Alot of subtle differences....

hope this helps,
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Mello Boy,

Thanks for the input. The skis I got look like they have only been skied a day or two. Very clean. I was thinking of picking up a 1080 or Candide or even an Enemy. However, I am a bit concerned about the durability of any of those models. Enemy's delam, Candide's crack, and 1080's are foam core. I got the Volkl for 2 bills and with the wood core, I hope to not blow them up. I ski in the SoCal parks most of the time, and the landings can get nasty. Of well, skis and bindings for $200. In the back of my deviant mind, I am considering attempting to sell them in a swap this fall. Everything goes for more here in LA...even used gear. If I get more for them, I could get a 1080!
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This post is still relevant for the 2001-2002 season.
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