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Racewax Universal

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Anybody used this? The description says it's harder/better in cold than the green.

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If it is "better in cold than the green hydrocarbon wax" and "wax is the hardest of the hydrocarbon series"

It would seem it is not a very good "universal" or "all temperature" wax. There are a lot of better choices.

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I used a white Universal sample that I received from back in 2008.   That sample may or may not be the same formulation as what is shown on your link.


That ~2008  sample worked fine on Mid-Atlantic manmade, worked *great* during Snowmageddon on my XCD skis, and  I did not like it at all  on Mt. Hood in May...and I ran out of sample.


Hope someone with more recent experience comes along.

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It says it is harder than the Green cold wax with is for temps below 25F. Assuming a 8-10 degree range for the Green, the "universal" would seem to be for temps below something like 18F. I haven't used it. I tried one of their graphite waxes which was fine but not great but I recall it had some suggested temperature range. I may have another somewhere in my wax box.  I know that some people use hard waxes as a kind of universal but they don't provide a fast ski when it is warm or moderately warm, or even super cold.

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