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Help picking powder ski......Line vs K2

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Pretty much into my second season of skiing.....started a bit later in life as I live on the prairies in Canada but now I am traveling all over the place with my career. I am 5'8 about 215lbs of stocky athletic build. I currently bought 169cm K2 Recoils for this season for groomers and icey prairie hills.


I am headed out twice to montana this month Big Sky and Whitefish, with Fernie also the month after.


obviously the recoils probably wont handle well in powder (maybe they will for all I know) but I would like to be a bit more adventurous with my friends who ride tree lines etc in the deeper snow.


So my question is what would be best for me based on my height/weight/ability. I am not looking to charge hard but I am more of a relaxed, have fun/mellow rider.


I have been researching and I was able to find these deals:


K2 Obsethed 2012 169cm w/o binding  $295


2010 K2 Hellbent Powder Skis 169cm NEW w/Salomon Z12 Ti Bindings  $529


2012 Volkl Chop Stick w/o bindings - 175cm - $349


Dynastar 6th Sense Huge  175cm Mens Skis w/ PX Racing 14 - $399


I also have a new set of marker bindings sitting in my closet but they are marker squires.




any advice for this noob would be awsome. Thanks in advance.



IGnore the Line vs K2 Heading....They were the two brands I was originally looking at.

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those skis look a little short to you as a pow ski. I would be looking at low 180s, you are not too tall but at 215lbs and athletic build you might be too strong for skis that short.

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Thanks for the advice. I will see what I can find in the 179 - 184 range. So much selction out there.

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Well, first, have you used the Recoils and do you like them?  Frankly, I've skied Whitefish for ten years now and it's only last spring I bought a pair of wider skis (98 under foot).  And I find limited need for them so far.  I've been skiing Outlaws (88 under foot) for several seasons now quite happily.  The Recoils are 90, which is about the same, only they have rocker, which the Outlaws don't.  The rocker should help with turning in the trees, which is where I find the Outlaws are a TAD in need of some muscle to get them to come around in time.  My "new skis" are now rocker and I am still adjusting to that.  I do find them easier to turn in powder, BUT pretty much every run here ends in at least some section where you are on a groomer, and it's frequently a narrow cat track.  I don't really like these new skis on those parts of the hill when the trail is groomed.  I've been playing with the tune to fix what I see as instability issues compared to my other two pairs, which are not rockered.  The new skis are great on POWDER, but....   I'll have to learn to love them.  


Anyway, just thought you should know that I think you can get away with what you've got at least while you are here.  (Spend it on some good beer or something.)  And, due to the nature of this hill, not every ski will keep you happy on the run outs we have.  Unfortunately, none of those skis were even on my short list last season while I was demo-ing, so I can't comment.  I quickly figured out that twin tips seemed to encourage and reward skiing in the back seat, so they got crossed off my list.  Some people like them, just like some people like skis over 100 mm wide.  I'd hate to have you drop big bucks HOPING for some deep powder and then not get your money's worth.  After all, if you get your bum out of bed early, you can always get demo skis for powder days...just make sure you get to the hill by 8-ish.  

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You made some really good points. I do like the recoils, I have had them out only four times so far this winter but I have been very happy with them on the groomers/park.


I guess I am just having ski buying fever lol. I know I would like to have a powder ski in my inventory though. Even if it is not the greatest ski in the world it would be nice to have as a backup set for my recoils. fortunatly I dont have really any economic restraints besides that I am frugal lol.


I will take your advice and try and work the recoils in Big Sky and see how they perform in all kinds of terrrain and decide from there. 


Get out of bed early?! Ill probably be still passed out in the hot tub :p jk   That is good advice though in regards to the demos. thank you.

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Demo skis are up in the "village" area, not the base lodge area, underneath Ed and Mully's.  I don't think they carry Line there, though.  Definitely K2 and Volkl.  Rossi as well if I recall.  I always demo at the mountain because if you don't like something you just walk in a swap it for another pair.  You can get demos in town at the various shops and might even save a buck or so, but then if you hate it you can't swap it out without getting in the car.  I'm thinking that Line might be at Whiteroom...  Basically, you can demo from the mountain, Sportsman and Ski Haus, Tamarack, and the Whiteroom.  But only mountain demos are right at the mountain.  May not be an issue if you are staying downtown and plan to give something a full day's attention.  I'm a one run and either try it some more or throw it at them person.  

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The other thing is that since it's your second season (mine two, I'm on my second season) you might not find that easy to ski powder and maybe just like me you won't be able to spend much time on powder since it's more demanding than skiing easy grommed runs. So once you get better you might change your taste for powder skis... Personaly and that's what I'm gonna try to do this season is to demo as much as I can to get an idea of what size of skis I can handle easily and how it feels when you are skiing a 120mm or 113mm underfoot ski so I can make a better decision on where to point towards pow skis!

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That is really good to know! Winter snow storm warning from tonight until friday on the weather channel so it should be a great weekend!! hopefully I will feel the need for some wide demos :D

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If you're a Smartphone person, there are two Whitefish apps I just pulled down and you might want to install. One is Ski Whitefish for ski area info and the other is Whitefish, Montana. I got both from Google Play and I assume they are also available for iPhone.
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Don't forget the indies:


Armada JJ, Praxis protest/powder board, DPS wailer series, PM Gear Lhasas.

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You should look in to some more modern designs. Ski's like the chopstick and hellbent are obsolete concepts when it comes to powder ski's.


Maybe demo, and take some lessons.

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If you want a ski that can handle powder and hardpack try the line Influence, I have a set of 105's and they are a great all mountain/big mountain ski.

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