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Quick Question: Rossi E83/88

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Overall... which ski is better suited to the intermediate level 6 skier (5'9", 185 lbs.) who skis 60% goomers/40% powder, the Ross 83 or the 88 in a 168 cm length? Which one is easier to maneuver in "normal" conditions? 

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I have the Experience 88's and they do well in both groomers and powder. On the groomers, as long as it's not serious ice, they will hold. For example, I've been skiing them this week in Summit County - everything needs snow and there are some pretty hard pack conditions. They will carve well and turns initiate easily. However, they do want to spin out if you hit boilerplate ice (I'm talking spills from snowguns - the stuff you can almost ice skate on).

I'm 220lb and ski on the 186 and they are fine and I consider them quick. I'm an aggressive skier, serious carver (my front side skis are Nordica Spitfire Pros in 170cm - 14m radius. I can make these E88's carve almost as easily as the spitfire pros in softer conditions. In very soft, they are quite easy to initiate and they don't seem to mind either short or long radius turns. So, I like them.

But if the conditions get more bulletproof, then a more serious carver is a better choice.

In powder (<12") they seem to do really well and they are like driving cadillacs. I like them a lot.

The advice I was given, and that I think is good advice, is don't buy them too short. They have a touch of early rise tip and tail to them and that lets them initiate very quickly. Once you engage the edge along the length, you have the holding power and edge of a longer ski. Getting them too short would, I would guess, make them squirrelly and not much fun.

I've been skiing them fast this week - 45-50mph in big carving turns and they don't complain and I feel quite comfortable on them. I've also taken them down some narrow stuff and they turn quickly. They don't initiate as fast as my Nordicas, but they will do a tight radius. To me they feel like a 15m ski when I push them in the narrow stuff. With the length, they are not for moguls.

Anyhow, hope that helps.

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