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Can't demo, need advice...

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I'm looking to upgrade to an expert-race level ski with similar characteristics of my Salomon Equipe GC Race skis (very stable at high speeds, light and snappy, great edge grip). Obviously, when I say upgrade, I want more of all of these. I'm 6', 190lbs and like to ski agressively all the time on typically icy slopes. I'm not a powder guy, just give me the g-forces.


The skis topping my list are...

-Stockli SX 170 or 178

-Stockli SL 170

-Head i.Supershape Speed 170 or 177

-Blizzard G-Force Supersonic IQ 174

-Blizzard S-Power Full Suspension IQ 174

-Blizzard G-Power Full Suspension IQ 174


Opinions please...

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I have looked at the following skis, but thought the above skis were better:

-Dynastar Speed Course Ti 171 and 177

-Nordica Dobermann SLR EVO 165

-Volkl Racetiger Speedwall SL 170

-Kastle RX 12

-Kastle RX SL


I am looking for the best edge grip (throw comfort and powder out the window, I don't need 'em), and excellent stability for medium radius turns while being light and snappy enough to execute some short radius turns on command. After reading many reviews and comparing objective numbers (grip and stability at speed), I think the Stocklis are best. However, I cannot decide which is better for what I want between the SX and SL. This is primarily where I would like some more information, but I am also interested in opinions (comparisons) of the other skis I listed and others that I did not. Any information would be appreciated.

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hey man I'm in a similar situation: looking for a replacement ski: high performance SL ski that's great on hard pack. Very similar physical characteristics: (188# and 5'11), and ski preferences; short radius turns in and out of the fall line (I like skiing the side of the trail).  This weekend I skied the RX SL and the Volkl in a 165-70 (5cm who really cares about that difference) and both are more than fine.  I have a preference toward Volkl (skied for a long time).  But both were fun, snappy, energetic, that tracked through the snow like a sports car.  In short, both are basically what you would expect from a high performance slalom ski.  


That said, I ordered the Volkl in a 170.  


What did you choose?      

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