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Looking to Buy First Set of Used Skis- Need Recos

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Hey Everyone,


Normally I rent my skis, as I only go out 1 or 2 times per year. Unfortunately, I now live in Northern NJ and am having trouble finding places that rent skis for weekends, rather than for a full season... so, I am currently looking for a pair of decent pair of used skis for under $200. I plan to buy brand new boots since I wear size 15 shoes and I NEED my feet to be comfortable, otherwise skiing is miserable for me.


I am a 24 yr old male, 6'3" tall, weighing 235lbs. I've been skiing since I was a kid and would say I am at least an intermediate skier if not intermediate/advanced. I usually ski on the East Coast, so their is very little powder and I typically ski blacks, but will do the occasional double black and I LOVE skiing glades (when the opportunity presents itself).


Anyone have any suggestions for a ski/binding "package"? I've looked on Ebay and there is plenty in my price range, but I have no idea what is a decent ski for me. Any Suggestions (links to ebay or craigslist listings earn bonus points!)?

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1 - 2 x a yr?


rent, every mtn has a rental shop, get there a bit earlier to go thru the process.


if you're gonna buy anything, get boots - with that size you may not need skis  - sorry  eek.gif


it'll take some searching and knowledge to buy a decent ski/binding set for $200 - can be done, but you'll need to have more knowledge than you currently possess.

There's no way for any of us to fill that purpose here... and the used market is fluid...


keep renting or start skiing more often...

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Thats actually the plan...to start skiing more. Id really like to get out more often, but i havent had the money to do so til this year.

I was just hoping to get some recommendations on what to look for in the used market because i dont want to drop a ton of money into a new equipment package until i get a feel for what i really want.
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what to look for in the used market:


1) don't get skis more than 1-2 seasons old.  Most of the depreciation has already occurred by then, so this can be the sweet spot.   You don't save money by getting older skis.   Alternatively you can also look at new old stock skis from 1-2years ago, or get lucky with sales demos, but pickings will be slimmer.   Every new ski has new technologies and designs which are "better" than the older ones.  Think of it more like a computer or technology rather than a classic car.



2) Be careful of the condition.   Some places have really beat up skis, others have skis in good condition.  The most important factors are the base and edges.  If the base has been serviced many times, it may be thin as well as have many repairs.  The edges may also have been serviced many times and ground down.  Ideally the base even though it may have a lot of scratches and even deeper scratches has not been ground before.  A tuneup after you get your skis will take care of all the minor scratches.


3) Since u have big feet, you better check that the included bindings will go large enough to fit your boot.



I think you will need to budget around $500 to get a top tier used ski+binding (or new old stock).  Maybe $400 for a midtier one.  $200 is pretty low and will need to make severe compromises to get to that price point.  Shipping and handling alone will be like $40.


As far as what ski to buy, you need to check out reviews, or peruse the other threads here. 


You need to be careful because despite what people say, you may think the ski will be awesome but then when YOU really try it it's not the right one for you.  It is better for you to RENT and find and know the ski you want, then find the cheapest way to obtain it.


When you go get your boots, ask the store to see if they have any deals available on old stock.  

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if you're gonna get in more days, then like I said, start with boots - most important step 1, especially with size 15 feet...

best to get expert advise at the shop which actually might have a boot to fit you.

some good readin here



the permutations on boots/bindings/skis with models over the past 3-5 yrs is incredible, beyond stating, so we'll all shy away from actual specific recommendations. Can't even imagine the variety in the past 8-10 yrs.


I'm responding because I want you to succeed and enjoy your skiing experience - we all do.

the conversations you read here are from skiers/riders who have some experiences and trade them, and still there are unintended comm. errors

Skiing is the real life thing, not the internet, not even the internet reviews...


some things just can't be shortcut.

you pay some now - or pay a lot later over a longer period and enjoy things less.

getting a 'friend' to help is very iffy also, many friends mean well but don;t know shit!


best question you can ask ; " I live in (name of town), and need recommendations for a good ski shop with a good history."

Then start by trusting a good professional, that again can be tough to find...

It is worth the cost.

my best advise

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