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What to do with too small feet

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I wear womens shoe size 5.5 and have really small heels. Last time I got my boots, I was told by 5 boot shops that they don't have boots tht would fit me and ended up going to Surefoot. At Surefoot, they got the smallest shell they had which was Lange 225 (which was what the other boot shops had) and injected the foam to fille in volume. Even after the injection, my heels were moving everywhere and they put paddings around my heels. After the initial fitting, I had numerous adjustments done on my boots and spent a lot of money both in northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. I decided to get new pair of boots after skiing in them for about 400 days and I was determined to find the boots that would fit me so that I don't have to go through what I had to go through last time. After being told by the first boot shop that my feet are too small to fit into the smallest boots they have (which was 225), I decided to drive an hour to go to the most reputable boot shop in the area which specailizes in race boots (junior and adults). The boot fitter told me that my feet were measuring 225 and after trying a whole bunch of boots, he fit me on 220. However the exterior sole length was the same (266mm) as my previous Lange 225. The boot fitter put some padding around the heel so that it would fit me better. Tried them on the slope and my heels and midfoot were sloppy. Went back for adjustment and the bootfitter put more padding around the achilles and calf area. Tried them on the slope and my heels are still not getting locked in. My heels stay floated in the air the whole time I'm skiing. So now I made another appointment to get Zipfit liner hoping that would fill up some volume and lock down my heels. Would that work? Or should I just go to Surefoot again? Surefoot was not very comfortable.

I saw that there are Lange SC 110 in size 215. Are those smaller shells? Or just the same shells (266mm) with smaller liner? I really don't know what to do. If I go to smaller junior race boots, the flex gets too low. I have a level 3 exam coming up in March and I really want a high performance boots that fits well. I would appreciate any advice and suggestions.
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tecnica makes a true 21.5 in a 90 flex. lange and dalbello have quasi 21.5's


there is more going on with your foot if you have not been able to get heel containment with a foam injected boot with added padding.


it will have something to do with the mechanics of your foot and ankle. not just that fact that your foot is very small.


where are you located? perhaps we can direct you to a bootfitter that can find the root cause of your poor boot fit.



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technica makes a real size 21/260BSL. in the race 90 boot.


not sure where you are, but my store has some and can ship if needed.  but really best to see if you can find some localy


not sure on the lange, but if you can find some, in a real 21, that might work too.

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Thanks for your suggestions. I'll see if my local stores carry any technica 21 and try Zipfit for better heel lock. If that doesn't work, I think I should go back to Surefoot. A few days ago, I skied in my old surefoot Lange 225 boots and felt a huge difference in responsiveness. It was uncomfortable and somewhat painful but the performance was great since they were really tight all around the heels. The difference was even bigger in big and long bump runs. Wish I could get that kind of fit without all the pain and cold feet.
Would Zipfit give a tight fit like Surefoot? I hope I'm not wasting money by trying Zipfit.
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