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Big footed boarder needs help! Size 18

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Hey. I'm a very large guy in need of some advice. 


I'm 6'6" and looking for an extremely wide board for my over sized feet. I wear I size 18 shoe and have luckily been able to find a size 18 boot. The problem I am running into is that I the widest board I can find is 28.4cm (284mm). The board I found is the Artec Phenom


After hours of searching this is the very widest snowboard I could find. A size 18 foot is approx. 13 inches. 28.4cm is only equal to 11.1 inches. If I purchase this board will I have to use an extremely ducked stance to avoid toe/heel drag? Will toe/heel drag be inevitable? 


Any responses/feedback are greatly appreciated!



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OMG - a riding yeti! Welcome to Epic!


Riser plates will also help offset foot overhang. You might want to look at getting a custom board made. I've also seen a person who had some success riding a hybrid alpine stance (e.g. plus 35, plus 20) on a very soft regular snow board, but that introduces some lateral movement to achieve heel/toe edge changes and might make you stand out in a crowd.

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Thanks for the reply. I have looked at multiple custom board sites but unfortunately have not been able to find one that will make a board wider than the 28.4cm the Artec Phenom offers. How much toe or heel overhang is OK? Obviously I don't want to have my performance impeded by drag but I also need to be able to use a comfortable stance. It appears as if the artec board may be my only option and I will just have to make it work.
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 The Elan el grande is another 28.4 board, it's no wider but at least you now have a choice!

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Donek will do custom widths.

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