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I bought new boots for this season, that appeared to be the correct size (as measured using the scale at the store) and reasonably tight and comfortable fit.  However, every day of my 4 day ski vacation I experienced the same: strong pain in my feet after the first 2 runs (I had to take the boots off to get some relief), then less pain for the next couple of runs, and then acceptable level of discomfort. I guess the level of pain declined over the 4 days of skiing, but it was still bad even on the last day (in the morning).


In addition, later in the day, it feels like there is uncomfortable pressure on my ankles.


I ski only a few days every season, so I'm not sure if I should attribute this to my feet not being used to the stresses / impacts specific to skiing, or to incorrectly chosen boots.  I was thinking that it could be similar to "normal" pain / discomfort experienced by novice cyclists when they start riding a bike with a proper sport / racing seat.


I'd appreciate any feedback regarding this.