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suggestions needed

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I am 5'8, 140 pounds, aggressive female skier. I run, bike and am fit.  I am currently in the Nordica Speedmachine 115 with world cup zip fit liners. My trainer at Breck ski school thinks I may need to be a higher performance boot.  I understand all the caveats about recommending boots for specific foot types. Any suggestions on what models I should consider?


Also, I have had some issues doing pivot slips. I release the skis but seem to get stuck pivoting my legs after the release. Trainer thinks this may be boot issue. What types of boot issue could cause this?  I have had boots aligned prior to the zip fit liners.  Could the zip fit liners change anything about the boot alignment that would affect this?





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Have you considered your fore/aft balance as affecting the pivot slips?


what size calf muscles when measured at the top of the liner cuff?


do your boots still have the spoiler in place?



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Thank you for replying.


Yes, I have considered fore/aft balance - my trainer thinks it is boot issue.


Will have to measure my calf and let you know.


Yes, spoilers are out.

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Both the forward lean of the boot and the size of your calf can effect the net forward lean of your lower leg----push the knee too far forward and the skier will end up skiing more of the tail  of the ski (extension) at the end/start of each turn. Conversely too little forward lean and or a thin calf will cause the skier to stand on his/her heel at the end/start of each turn----keep in mind you also need to balance the foot inside the boot.


you have custom foot beds?



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Problem solved! Zip fits pushed me forward and I needed a lower volume boot. Now have Rossi Experience 130. They needed some minor canting/adjustments. I have skied them 3 or 4 times and everything is much better. My stance is significantly improved. All is well!

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