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G40/G41 review

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Just got back from a fantastic weekend of skiing at Blackcomb and thought I'd share a review of the Volkl Vertigo G40 (sandwich).

Vitals: 27, 170lbs, 6'1": ski - 190cm. This is a review of last year's model which is slightly narrower (80cm waist) and has sandwich construction instead of a cap. Flex and core are same. Tail isn't turned up as much so it's a 190cm instead of the 188cm.

This ski is simply the bomb because it excels so well in varied terrain. Stable and buoyent in the fresh pow/crud, yet it rails on the cruisers like nothing I've tried. It's got "pop" from turn to turn that gives it that Volkl 'lively' feel - likely a result of their great wood core construction. Getting these skis on edge and carving is a real pleasure and it's here that it leaves most of it competition behind. At 190cm it's plenty stable, but if I had my pick, the perfect ski would be a 193cm G41 (please Volkl - make this ski!).

Stomp your landings, blast through crud, lay down big rooster tails of snow, straight line it, carve it...anything you throw at this ski it just asks for more. Throw all your speed at it and it stays super solid and predictable. Moguls are without a doubt a challenge here but so are all other fats.

It's tough to compare other skis because at 80cm waist, there's no direct competition. XX isn't as lively nor has the float. 4X4 Bigs aren't as nimble but are similar in the pow, Powertrack's are as good on the groomers but don't have the stability in crud, Supermountains are flexier and don't have the pop or edgegrip on groomers. I haven't tried the 10.Ex but I hear it's lighter and know that it's stiffer - worth a look/demo if you like the G41.

So there's a West Coast report from a guy who skis it all, short of the big drops and terrain parks. I was weary that this ski was going to be too wide at first, but she's turned out to be a really versatile ski. I still feel like I'm the limiting factor in the performance of this ski and I haven't seen it's limits yet.
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I hear your cry for a 193cm. The G4 is coming 188, 198 next season. I got 20lbs on you so I'm trying to work a pair of the 198's. But a bunch of people will be stuck in the middle and have to debate stability or manuverability.
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Good choice of ski there. I happen to use those too, although I'm going to soon buy new ones at 193cm, because the ones I'm using now are too small. Anyway, I like the review and again, they are my favorite pair of skis.


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I'm currently skiing the ModXPro in a 188 and love this ski. The MXP really came thru and did it all last season. I'm looking to try / buy a bit wider for next year. I'd like a little more float in the off piste than MXP gave me. I'm considering the K2 AKLauncher and the G41Pro. Is the G41 you discuss here the same as G41Pro? I'm looking at buying a slightly used pair from a local. They're a 188. Can you contrast the G41P to the MXP ?
Thoughts please. Thanks.
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Yes G41 is same as G41 pro. It's actually called the pro but few use the name. It's not like modx/modxpro that are diff. skis.
Next year will just be G4.
There is no 193 now and unless things change not next year either.
Next year's is flat black w/white stripes.
Can't comment on differences.<FONT size="1">

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