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Would new skis help me?

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So I started skiing 5 years ago and have been using Salomon XWings purchased at Sports Authority (yes I know probably not great skis) for about 5 years now, at around 10 days a year.  Would I benefit from an upgrade in skis or would I not benefit much since I am not expert enough to know the difference.  I usually ski on the east coast with one trip a year to the west.  I consider myself an intermediate who prefers to ski blues and groomers.  I'd like to get better at skiing so was wondering if new skis would help me improve and develop my skills.  I already have a  proper fitting boot/footbeds since I used one of the recommended bootfitters on this forum which has helped alot with my skiing. 

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No offense but this is an impossible question to answer without knowing how well you ski and what physical shape you're in. For 95 percent of people I would say more skiing lessons (a multi-day camp is great), better nutrition and better physical fitness (hello crossfit/p90x/insanity/other overall conditioning program) are going to help your skiing much more than new skis.


Boots are the most important - but you say you have those dialed.


People love to think about buying new skis because psychologically that redirects attention away from improving the skier - which is harder work. I fall prey to that phenomenon myself - I'm also guilty. What kicks me back to reality are lessons, and feedback from coaches. Once I correct some bad movement patterns (and I have so many of them) I find that - HEY IT'S MAGIC - ALL MY SKIS WORK FANTASTICALLY WELL.


Now if you are already in great physical shape and you're skiing with excellent form then maybe upgrading your skis is the right move. But if your form needs work, no ski in the world is going to improve your skiing.

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Why not demo? See if being on a different pair of skis (chosen for your ability and conditions that day of course) rock your world. They might. It sounds like you've already gotten your money's worth from your current skis.

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The question is what do want your skis to do that they can't do?
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Even skis from many box merchants can be quite nice skis for many intermediate or easy going advanced skiers. these Skis will likely not hold you back from improving, if they are in the ball park for size (not too small and not too large for your size).

The best thing you can do to get the most performance out of your skis is to maintain them well.

If after 5 yrs and 10 days a yr you've never had them tuned, then they're likely very sub-par in what they're capable of doing.

This would be true of the most expensive, highest performance skis as well.

When I skied back east, my skies got a minor tune (self done) before every ski day, and a more detailed tune every few days, depending on condition of the ski. I never went 5 days without a major tune.

Even now, living and sking out west. My skis get a little work every day or 2 and get a major tune when they need it; which is less often than when I skied back east...


Get the skis tuned by a good shop

focus on learning/improving technique & fitness

maybe take lessons if you're not sure how to 'improve'.


new stuff is always nice, but it rarely makes one a better skier

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