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volkl motion p50s

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I have not tried them but i know someone who has. They are Volkls new design for next year. The motion series incorporates a floating binding sytem just like the sal pilot. They are supposed to be much better than the pilots. Volkl has three different models coming out next year. I know one is p50, then vertigo, and the other is vestris i think but i might be wrong about carver. The p50 being the top of the line. From the person who tried them out I hear they are stiffer than the pilot this year and the turning is the best they have felt. It is a GS ski and it goes fast! Supposedly it is pretty stable, my friend skied on 170 and he weighs about 200lbs. They are really nice looking too. I saw a brochure on them. I will try to get one to post a pic of them. That will be hard though. These skis are going to be great. From what I have seen the binding setup is much more complicated. It looks as though it slides on. I think it is just one pin going through the sidewall. Although I cannot think of how that is possible. I am a new member so I dont know if everyone has heard of this or not and if anyone knows of any websites to read about the motion skis or any information on them please tell me. Also Sal's Pilots are really cool looking next year. And they are twin tipped too. It seems all freeride sis are becoming twintipped. I love it.
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I'm not sure what skis you are referring to, I made a mistake in another post. I skied the G3 Motion (184cm - it comes in 7cm increments). It is a soft, less than expert ski. I was disappointed because I was hoping for a stiffer ski like the G30/31, which I think is being discontinued. I am not sure how it compares to the Pilots as I have not tried them. I thought the G3 Motion was less ski than the X-Scream Series. I also flexed the Motion ski that replaces the Platinum and thought it was real soft too. Note that I demoed skis when the weather was very warm and not ideal - it is hard to compare skis when when the changes by the hour.
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I was at shop in Canada this weekend and they had the P50 Volkl ski there, anyway the binding from what i looked at attaches by two rails that are on top, near the edges of the ski. The bindings can then be moved closer or farther apart by sliding on rails. Not the same as Pilots plus Atomic's new beta carv 9.18 had similar rail setup. Be interesting to demo them next year.
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The motion system has a binding that slides onto the rails a la 00-01 EnergyRail system. The binding, the Marker 1400 comp has a floating toe that moves when the ski is flexed. The toe actually moves more than the heelpiece on the tyrolia freeflex binding. That results in a "softer" feeling in the ski imho. Great skis and a great setup. G3 is going to be sold as the Vertigo Motion and the Standalone G3. We'll see what'll happen
I was looking forward to the P50 Motion...but it's the platinum...i was hoping for the pure racebreed of it ... the F1 I'll check it out again next season and see if i still like it!

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Here is a description of Volkl's changes, if you haven't already seen it: http://www.skinet.com/article/gear.cfm?alias_id=4825
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Does anyone have dimensions for the P50 Motion? I've seen it in stores and compared it to the p40f1. Tip and tail on 50 motion seem bigger. I'd heard that dimensions were similar to old p30rc but not sure.

00/01 p40f1: 102 65 88
99/00 p40f1: 100 63 86
98/99 p30rc: 101 63 89

I believe these #'s are correct but I'm not 100% pos.<FONT size="1">

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Thanks NC,

00/01 P50 Motion: 103 63 92

My, that's quite a tail you have! Way larger than even the 98/99 P30rc. Should be interesting to try.
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