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gotama vs cochise

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Hi all.


I have been trying to find some comparisons to the above but  have had no luck.  I have been on Gotamas for four seasons now (rockered).  I love the ski.  Absolutely awesome on everything but ice.  I ski the east coast at Sunday River.  It is the only ski I use now.  


The Cochise gets great reviews and looks similar to the gotama.  If I have one complaint about the goat it is its edge grip in questionable conditions.  I was wondering if the Cochise is a bit better. I hope to demo one soon.  


One more thing.  I ski the 178s.  I would like the longer length but our bumps and trees tend to be tight around here so I am hesitant. Any other east coasters have an opinion on length?





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Not an east coaster but I did just ski the Cochise (185) a few days ago.  I normally ride the Bonafide (in the shop with a nasty edge crunch) but I thought I'd demo the Cochise to see if something wider was vastly different than the Bonafide (which I love on groomer days).


I had no issue gripping and ripping at Alpine Meadows last week on a very fast, hard groomer day with the Cochise.  The ski was simply hauling butt down the mountain, so I would say it handled edge grip just fine but be prepared to lay into them all the way down the run and get down quickly.


It wasn't a slip/icy day, again it was purely groomed.  FWIW.

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You will get better edge-hold with the Cochise most likely (especially with the 185), but they really like to run in the open as opposed to tight trees.

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Originally Posted by JayT View Post

You will get better edge-hold with the Cochise most likely (especially with the 185), but they really like to run in the open as opposed to tight trees.

I can't compare Cochise to Goats (sorry) but will say the Cochise rip anything not blue ice but they will also turn on the proverbial dime with the correct technique.  My old school 'drive the tips, jump and grunt' approach wasn't quick enough but as soon as I started to pivot the skis from the knees down while keeping them on the snow they were incredible. Weight fairly centered, body facing down the fall line and twist your feet. Amazing for the bumps and trees.

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Background:  skied 2010 178 Gotamas as primary ski for last 3 years, 40+ days last season.  West Coast, Squaw/Alpine.  I demoed this year's 185 Cochise and 178 Gotamas last Saturday and Sunday, with most time spent on the Cochise.  Conditions were east coast cold (low of -14F in the am!) with some snow left over from the 6-12" received Wednesday night..


My impression is that these are surprisingly different skis.  The Gotamas can trench a turn on groomers if you put them up on edge but you can modify the turn however you want. Cochise locks its tail into the carve and gives you exactly the turn shape the ski was designed for.  Cochise is stronger on firm, flat snow.


In bumps, trees and other tight places, the Gotamas were much more predictable for me.  They required much less energy to initiate a carve (tip and turn vs. loading up the ski to bend it) and are easy to "butter" through a turn in soft stuff.


Physical differences:

Composition:  wood/carbon core for Gotamas, Metal core for Cochise

Rocker: much more pronounced on Gotoma.  Cochise has an almost traditional tail (very little rocker). 

Turn radius: 24.9m Gotama, 28m Cochise

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Skied both at Alta on 2 - 3 inch day on top of hard pack. Felt like the Gotoma held an edge a little better in carving while the Cochise was a little more stable in wide arched turns and at higher speeds. For East Coast skiing at Sunday River, I would choose the Volkl Mantra or Kendo. My Mantras hold anything and perform like a GS race ski, when needed.

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OP what are your Gotama's tuned at ? Mine are 1/3 and have great edge hold at Okemo. How often are your's tuned ? Mine are always sharp.


I also agree they are to much ski for everyday in the east.


I did have mine out the weekend after Xmas in the sugar snow. But have been on the Kendo's everyday since.

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If you like Volkl's full rocker, why don't you consider the RTM 84 or new Mantra? Both ski well on hardpack IMO but have plenty of versatility for off-piste.

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