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For Canada - "Mid fat", "fat" or both?

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Hi Guys


Been lurking and researching for some time, and am now wondering if anyone can help with my dilemma (please excuse the lengthy intro, but hopefully it will help)


I have, in the last 18 months re-discovered a passion for skiing after a 10 year hiatus


In the last 12 months I have racked up 28 days of skiing and can hopefully keep that up


So far it has been mostly on piste in Japan, Ne Zealand and Switzerland


I would say I am a decent intermediate skiier and hopeully steadily progresing


I am 5" 9' / 176cm and 80kg / 176 pounds without gear


I currently own K2 Rictor 167's


Any time I have headed off piste on the K2's when there has been significant fresh / crud... I have had a really hard time...this is obviously going to be a combination of ski's and experience off piste.


I am heading to Canada (BC) in feb for 3 weeks of skiing, a few days in Whistler, mostly at Red Mountain, and maybe somewhere else thrown in to mix it up.


I would like to get into much more off piste skiing, and am doing a 5 day course with Ski Quest at Red which should help


Finally, my question


I do like groomers, however I do want to get into offpiste / tree skiing... both in BC / Japan / wherever this expensive habit takes me


My Rictors are not going to be of too much use in canada, however I am unsure of how to invest in additional skis


I really like the sound of Line Prophet 98's in 179 as a general all mountain ski - but I have been told by a few people I'll be wanting something wider when there has been a big dump ( I'm thinking Armada JJ 175 or Line Opus 178)


So.... for my canada trip what do I do?


a) take my Rictor's and buy "fats" to take as well

b) Just buy and take fats only - some people ride them everywhere - I'm concerned I wont like them on groomers

c) Buy the 98's AND fats and take both and console myself with fact that I now have most bases covered

d) something else


Any comments on the lengths I'm looking at? I do think anything longer I may be uncomfortable with at the moment... that said I dont want to outgrow any ski's in a year.


Also, I don't really want to pay for 2 pairs unless it will significantly improve my ski trip ... or of course they are a bargain price ...


Thanks for your help everyone and for such an informative forum





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I would buy a 98 like the Blizzard Bonfide, or the Volkl Mantra.


A 98 is such a versitle width. If it dumps a foot or more, rent some fatties.

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I'd wait and demo a few skis in Whistler, then decide what to buy (most places will discount a day or two of demo fees from the price).

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181 Atomic Access. Lots of places to demo in Whistler, even free in the Yurt outside of the Roundhouse Lodge.

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Take your K2's, demo some fat skis (108-118 say), buy one if you really like it. Otherwise, don't. 

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Thanks for the replies so far, I should add, the potential advantage of buying now without demoing is because I can get flat P98 or Opus' for $470, which I assume is significantly cheaper than whistler retail outlets?
Cheers, Wazza
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I agree with those who favour the Prophet 98 as an all round ski and rent really fat skis if the snow is deep and heavy at Whistler or Red.


Fat skis can make intermediates into heros in powder.

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