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Looking for skis

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Hi everyone,


I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy start to their new year.


I need some help finding a new pair of all mountain ski's. I currently ride a pair of twin tip k2 public enemies. Over the years I have out grown them by leaps and bounds. I am looking to stick with a twin tip because I do enjoy venturing into the park from time to time and switching backwards. Though I am at the point where my brain consciously rejects riskier tricks for fear of injury but I still like to play. The main issue with my what I have is when pushing them when riding downhill - They chatter way too much for my liking. I would prefer something between 90-100 underfoot as the k2's are 85. I do the majority of my skiing on the east cost but have been doing an annual trip to park city a few years running. If there is such a thing as an everything ski, I would be grateful to hear your opinions.





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I'm just going to throw some models at you. Research to your heart's delight.

K2 Kung Fujas
Volkl Bridge

I am sure you can find reviews on these models.

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Denny - Thank you, I was looking at these two along with the sir bacon and DPS wailers. I want to make sure that this purchase is an upgrade to my existing pair. Thanks again!

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The bacon is a good choice, too. I am not familiar with the DPS.
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