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Fun! Fun! Fun!

Thanks to a few posts by Bears, I coughed up the extra $$$ and got the 170cm. The discount on the 177's was hard to pass up but I am convinced that the extra money was worth it. My weight is 172 pounds and at 53 years (old), short was the way to go.

Light, quick and I now have happy feet.

Great on the icy groomed blue and blacks though they were a bit faster than I had expected. This may be an illusion though since they are short.

I found a groomed untracked blue and had so much fun (noon sun softened) laying out ahead of the ski and rolling edge to edge that I forgot to use the poles.

The only point of comparison I have is a ride on a T-Power Cobra. The Cobra seemed to give a smoother ride through the granular piles. This is expected since it is an overall softer ski. The 9S was also considered but I selected the P-40 since it fell someplace in between. I was afraid that the Cobra would become a noodle on the ice.