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Dynastar 4x4 Big Reviews?

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I was looking for some info on these skis. From preliminary probing, I have got the usual, "They Rip!" from the shop guys that have skied them, but I was looking for something a bit more insightful. Falling under the spell stemming from the recent slew of ski equipment blow-outs, I purchased a pair of 188's. I have skied just about all the fats out there except these. I am sure that I will enjoy them, however, I am looking for some assurance to put at ease any lingering feelings of buyer's remorse. Your honest opinions are appreciated!
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Here is my take on the 4x4 Bigs other then they rock (which they do). FYI - I ski on the 194 cm length; ski mainly at Copper Mountain and they have become my every day ski. I have found the Bigs to be an incredibly versatile ski and they exceeded all of my expectations for a fat ski. They hold a fairly good edge and are rock solid at all but the highest speeds on groomed runs. They ski decently in the bumps and not nearly as much work as I thought they would be but they are definitely not a zipper line bump ski but hey that’s not what I bought them for. They really shine when skiing crud and powder and respond well in tight trees with deep snow. The difference going from a traditional or even the early mid fats and this ski in deep snow is amazing. All in all I love this ski and the only complaint I have is their edge hold on truly icy slopes and I don’t see a whole lot runs like that in CO (except at Keystone). If you picked your skis up at a good price any buyer’s remorse will probably disappear once you spend a couple of days on your new skis.
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Ht - 5'8", Wt - 170#'s, Level - 8/9
Binding - Marker 9.1 SC Race


Last Friday, I got take the Big's out. All I could manage was a day trip to the local SoCal stuff, so this will be a limited review. As a benchmark, I began the day on my 193 G30's, with which I am very comfortable. Conditions were "spring", to say the least. The morning snow was groomed to perfection, but it got really mushy as things heated up.

So, here is what I thought:
My initial impression was that the Big's (188-cm) don't feel that wide! I was astounded by the way that they carved so effortlessly. Really nice edge hold. The tip feels much softer than I would have expected, but then again, I spent the first part of the morning on the G30's. Short turns popped off easily, which was yet another surprise. At high speed on the groomers, the sidecut felt just about right. They make nice round large radius turns with little effort. Although there was no powder to speak of, there was about 3"-4" of mashed potato snow near days end.They mowed right over it like it was groomed! I can only imagine how they might be in the real powder!

After skiing a 191-cm XX for a season and a half, I wanted something that deals in the soft stuff, but still rips on the groomed. I believe that this might be it. Of the fats that I have skied (XXX, 10EX, Pocket Rocket) this was definitely the easiest and most forgiving. Perhaps that stems from the slightly more slendor dimensions of the 188 length (112-80-102).

I took these guys for a ride in the park, too. I found that despite the funky "swallow" tail, this babies will land fakie! Very easy to spin with, too. (Nice information for the "new schoolers")

Anyhow, Absolutely no buyer's remorse here! Now, if I could only get one last powder day this season!

Fats Rule!<FONT size="1">

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I live in Whittier and Work in Cerritos, if you know where those places are. Basically, I spend most of my time about 20 minutes from Disneyland. (How do I stand the excitement?) I used to work out of Newport Ski Company, in Newport Beach, too. That might be relavant if you are in the Orange County area.

Are you still a student? If so, where? Just curious...read your profile.

It is always cool to find any serious skiers around here. Most everyone under 30 is into boarding in these parts, anymore!
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Bandit Man,
Where in SoCal are you from?

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