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Blizzard 182 or 185 for GS?

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Hi all,


I am a 5'10" 160 lb college junior guy with only two GS races of experience and probably 6 GS training days. I have been skiing quite a lot since the age of 5 so I'm a strong, aggressive skier with great technique (though not especially refined for GS).


For my first season of GS (two years ago) I raced on 174 cm Blizzard Magnesium WC GS skis. They were two small. So the next year I bought some 2009 185 cm (27m) Blizzard Magnesium GS skis from a teammate for $200. Unfortunately I broke them on only the second day I skied them. It was early season and there were only 27 in of snow. I hit an invisible tree stump underneath about half an inch of very light fresh powder at high speed. We only have two GS races per season and it was a busy semester so I didn't bother buying another pair.


Now I'm in the market for some new GS skis. I saw that I can buy the same 185 cm 2009 Blizzard GS skis for $139 new on Amazon. But there are also some 182 cm Blizzard GS skis on Ebay for about $300 with bindings, which I will sell since I already have suitable bindings.


So would you guys recommend the 182 cm or the 185 cm skis? The courses we race on tend to be pretty tight and my GS technique isn't perfect. But $139 is such a great price and I'm low on cash.

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What level are you racing?



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This is USCSA racing in eastern OR/WA and Idaho. Like I said, I have barely any experience racing GS. I could free ski on my 185's just fine but in the course I tend to get late on them...which is a problem I even had on the 174's, mainly because I tend to initiate my turns later than I should and can't intuit the right line yet for GS.


I guess my real question here is, will the 182's be significantly more maneuverable than the 185's without losing stability? I plan to free ski groomers on them too on days where hasn't been fresh snow in awhile.

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I just discovered that I can buy the 2011 Blizzard Magnesium GS skis in a 185 for $350 new. I could also buy the 2009 182 Blizzard Magnesium GS ski in like new condition for the same price, or the 2009 185's for the ridiculous price of $139.


So my new question is this: are the 2011 185's any easier to initiate turns in the first gates than the 2009 185's? How would the 182 compare? I'm hoping someone on here has tried lots of Blizzard GS skis over the last few years.

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in general, Blizzard made a lot of progress on their race skis beginning in about 09-10, when Herbst won the SL globe. Their presence has increased since then, though there's been a bit of a drop off in their use (and availability) in the US in the last couple years. My guess is that the 2011 ski is an improvement over the 2009 ski, but I haven't skied them.


That said, the 182s will be easier to turn, because they have a tighter radius (it's the women's ski with R >=23m vs R>=27m). USCSA GS races tend to be set on the tighter side, so I would err in that direction.

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OK thanks, I'll keep that in mind

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The 2011 is a way better ski than the 2009. The marker piston plate seems to work better than the previous vist plate as well. I would go with the 182, it is an excellent ski.
And for reference I have had the 2009and 2010 185 and the 2010 and 2011 182
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