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I DID read the FAQs and did a lot of research, still a bit confused, show the newb some patience :)

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Hi everyone,

 I am a new skier, currently working on getting comfortable on all the blues I encounter and gingerly trying to stay alive on blacks. I have just decided to bite the bullet and buy my own gear, since I plan to be out a lot and learn as fast as I can - it just made sense, with a good deal from L9 I'll save money over rental within a couple of seasons.

 I have odd feet, I know I'm not the only one. For street shoes, I tend to be between 10.5 and 11 men, with quite narrow feet (I bought women's climbing shoes in the past…). I know that by the rules of snug fitting I should go with 28.5 over 29.5. But, the issue is when I try the 28s on, my toes are slightly curled into the front of the boot. Not just touching, a bit curled when upright. Leaning in proper position forward they move back a bit, but they still feel cramped. In the 29.5s on the other hand, my toes just barely touch the front when upright, and when leaning forward I can wiggle them without a ton of effort. Based on this experienced I went ahead and ordered a pair of Technica Inferno Blaze 29s. They are above my level, but based on the above I figured a) they give me a target skill level to grow into and b) they are very narrow, which should make a better fit for my dainty feet. 

 Am I making a mistake? Is it a better idea to suffer a bit with the curling toes (it's not painful, just feels really small) and the lining will pack in enough to make those fit just right? Or am I over-thinking this and what I am getting will be just right? Does adding something like SuperFeet make a measurable difference?

 Thank you for any advice or help.


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In my opinion, you should be looking at a 27/27.5, there is no way that a 29 is not too big.

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^^^^^ what he says, i am a UK 11 (USA 12) on a short shelled boot i am in a 28 shell on the new salomon X Max for example i am in a 27.5... the inferno is not exactly what i would call narrow or low volume either... if you have the option i would send them straight back, if you don't have that as an option then get them on e bay... there are lots of ways to save some money on ski kit buying boots on line is not the way to do it


find a reputable fitter and spend the cash, it will be well worth it in the long run

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Thanks folks, I appreciate the advice.

 Where does this "rule" I see everywhere come from - that when upright the toes should be touching the front, but not curled up? That's what threw me I guess - I touch the front reliably in the 29 and my toes are a bit curled, not unlike the position in my comfortable set of climbing shoes, in the 28.

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The 'Rule' is to check how the plastic shell fits your foot by doing a shell fit and ignore the fluffy foam liner, which will change radically. The FAQ section describes how to do a shell fit.

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Ski boots often last 6 to 10 years, if you ski 10 to 15 days a year (a long term purchase).  If you make a mistake and buy a comfy 

too large boot, because you don't want your toes to touch on the first day, the boot will become too big with just a little use and you will be stuck skiing in a large bucket for the next 10 years.  How ever--- if you purchase the correct size and the liner breaks in to fit around your feet, and holds you in the correct position, your skiing will improoooove for the next 10 years, you decide.  Get your boot liners heat molded and your toes will be fine.


Read this:   http://www.epicski.com/a/boot-fitting-which-boot-will-work-for-me


read the part about, how to shell fit a boot----do it to the ones you purchase.


the best advice you have received so far has been to seek out a boot fitter and not make the mistake most folks, have over the years.



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Thanks folks! The shell fit clarified it, and it's definitely 28/28.5. It leaves me about 3/4 inch or slightly less behind the heel, which is fine if the boot is tight elsewhere for my current level. I could probably go even smaller, but I think I'll stick with this fit. Your advice is much appreciated.

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As your advisors said, you are a 27.  3/4 inch is too much.



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