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Fischer Alltrax 74

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I've mentioned these skis several times in response to other people's posts so I figure it is time to post my own review.

I am a 5'9, 180 lbs, advanced/expert that skis bumps and trees and powder and crud as well as the groomers but mostly for warming up or getting to and fro.

I demoed many skis this year. K2 modx, many salomons, including both Pilots, the Series, the 9 and the 7, and the Bandit XX. I may be leaving out a ski or two...

I have been on the Bandit X for a while now (184) and find it great for bumps and trees and light powder, but found it to not handle crud so well. It would bog or hesitate. Got me looking to upgrade to a wider ski.

I was at www.footloosesports.com (I think that is the url) where I was reading about the Bandit XX. At the bottom of their blurbs they have helpful references to other similar skis. There I found my first mention of the Fischers.

They are the same dimension as the XX (107-74-ninety something...) and were designed to compete with that very popular ski. But the 74 is lighter and has a wood core and some fancy super hard edges and light carbon and ti, resulting in a lighter, snappier, more lively ski that I assume will be more durable than the XX.

I skied the 74 in a 183 and the next day demoed the XX in a 184 and skied the same terrain. I liked both. The Bandits were damper, a tad more sluggish but their softer flex allowed them to work bumps pretty well. If not for the Fischer this may have been the ski for me.

But the 74 just has more life out of turns and does much better job gripping hard snow. It could be the XX's were worn down a bit from a season of demoing but my Bandit X slides and skids on hard snow and others have said the XX isn't at its best on the pack so I assume my take is accurate.

The 74 mm waist on both is as narrow as I would want to go. Wide enough to float yet it still turns well on the groomed. (I found the Series' waist to be too narrow, but this could be do to my possibly old school style of weighting the front of the ski. see the posts about how to ski this sucker and you'll see what I mean.)

The ski is lighter than some of the other's I tried and this is a bonus for me as my aged (aka beaten upon) knees did notice the weight difference.

I have never felt overpowered by the Fischer tail. It is a very user friendly ski with lots of life. I think after several days on it I had stepped up a notch from the Bandit X into a realm of more speed and stability and control. I have no doubts when heading into crud or deep that I'll come out the other side like an all-star, which I can't say is true for my Bandit X.

I bought it at Winter Park Sports for $499. Alpenglow in Golden CO also carries the Fischers. They are not marketed well, if at all, in the USA which accounts for the lack of talk about them and maybe the lack of ski shop price. The XX's were still priced over $600 up the street in WP. Though my brother demoed a pair of the XX as his first mid-fats, fell in love on the first run and bought REI's last 184 in the low 400's.

As I have said to several people, if you are considering the XX do your best to demo the 74 since it is designed to compete with the Rossis and I think it surpasses them.

Next year if I go for a fatty I'll definitely demo the Alltrax 84 "Big Stix."
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How does the 74 compare to the Mountain X. Is the 74 this years version of the Mountain X?
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what kinda bindings didja slap on those things?
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I'm not familiar with the Mtn X so I can't compare. Sorry.


Rossignol Axial Carbon Pro.

I've had good luck with the Axial 110 on my Bandit X's so I stuck with more or less the same binding but these have a carbon toe piece housing (I believe) which lightens them up a bit.
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if you haven't, check the FOOTLOOSE board archives for "fischer mountain x;" there is some feedback posted.
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