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Solid intermediate female skiier looking to purchase own skiis + boots to push into faster blacks, off-piste

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Hi everyone, 


I'm a long-time solid intermediate skiier looking to buy my own skiis to support me in pushing into skiing faster, harder, and generally tightening my skiing up. No more blaming it on rental boots that don't fit right, or sticky old skiis either. I'm a long time skiier who's just decided that I want to do more than cruise down blues. At the moment, I clear black runs but it's nowhere near as pretty as I'd like. 


I'll be skiing in a mix of east-cost ice and man-made snow, as well as some powder trips from time to time. I've got super narrow ankles and heels, so look forward to the day I wear boots that fit!


Any tips on brands and models to start off at looking at?  


Many thanks in advance


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 Hi Jessica and welcome. 

 Boot wise you would be better off visiting a decent fitter, there are some on the boot guys forum that a lot of people respect and have had great results with. There is a lot more to buying boots that will help you ski better than going in a shop and asking for the equivalent to whatever you wear in a street shoe. It is far too easy to buy boots totally the wrong shape for our feet and often 2 sizes too big because they feel comfy in the shop.

 You will find that most manufacturers of boots do a variety of lasts from narrow to very wide so it is best to see someone who knows what they are talking about. There is some good information about boot fit in the boot guy forum above the threads.

 For skis, tell us a little more, how tall/heavy are you? What will you mainly be wanting to ski? Piste? Park? Bumps? Aggressively?

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Hi Lily, thanks for your reply. 


I'm currently skiing 100% of the time on trails, but would like to be moving to a bit more adventurous backcountry skiing some of the time. Not interested in the park & tricks. I'm 5'5, 125lbs. I would like to be skiing a bit more forward and agressively. 




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Welcome to EpicSki, Jessica.  Good for you to be looking for boots as the next step for having more fun on the slopes.  Where are you located?  Maybe we can point you in the direction of a good boot fitter.


Have you checked out the articles about what to consider when buying equipment?  Click on Article at the top menu bar to see a list of the basic ones.


Have fun shopping!

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Hi Marz, I'm in New York City. Is there anyone around here? Happy to travel into NJ etc



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I would think there is more than one good boot fitter in the NYC area.  Try putting something like "new york city boot fitter : epicski" into Google and see what threads pop out.  You can also look on the EpicSki list.  I think there is a link at the top of the Ask A Boot Guy forum.


I grew up in NYC.  That why I got a chance to learn to ski in middle school.  Moved to NC in high school.    Had to wait until my daughter was old enough to ski to really get into skiing again.  Where do you usually ski?

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 Hi again, if you can, demo a few different skis to see what suits you best once you have your boots.

 I would be looking along the lines of the K2 superburnin, Salamon origins lava and the atomic cloud d2, all great carvers, won't be quite so suited to softer snow but should serve you well on the icy stuff. There are loads of others out there but these are the ones I'm familiar with.

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Ignore all the myriad suggestions about this or that ski. At this point, that is totally irrelevant. Get boots that work......period. Do what it takes and spend the time and possibly the $$$. Ignore the skis during this process. Then, when you have boots that are dialed in, take a lesson or two (preferably private and from the same instructor ) to help you get forward. Note:.....skis won't do this and boots probably won't. Then, with good fitting boots and a few lessons under your belt......try ONE demo ski. It won't matter a ton what it is but try something like a K2 Superstitious for a starter. Get the feel for it and try it in every condition that you can possibly handle. Then and only then, should you start to try other skis. Don't use the shotgun approach of trying all the various highly reviewed skis. Try something that will contrast from the initial model. You'll figure out what you want a ski to do by the second go. After that, it's relatively easy.


I know this is contradictory to the "Demo til your brains fall out" dictum that is common but this really is not rocket science. Get the boots dialed first, then try one or two demos. If you have the right folks guiding you.......the ski part is pretty easy.



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