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Hello All,


I'm a long time skier that has been demoing and renting skis for too long. I've finally decided to get back in and buy and I'm looking for some help deciding on a pair thatwill suit my needs.  The last pair I owned were 80's vintage Salomon s9000s (orange and purple beauties at 197cm featuring the revolutionary monocoque design wink.gif)


I'm 40, 5'10" 160lbs, athletic and a fairly agressive skier.  I am a weekend warrior EC skier with 1 or 2 Western trips a year.  I really enjoy the whole mountain (steeps, bumps, groomers, trees).  My kids have started skiing so although I'd prefer to ski the blacks all day, I need to be able to enjoy skiing at low speeds on the blues and greens.


I've recently demo'd Blizzard Bushwackers (173), Rossi Experience 88s (170, 178), and Rossi

Experience 83s (168) over XMas at Lake Louise and Panorama (couldn't make it to Kicking Horse frown.gif).  Conditions at both were similar (no new snow in a while, washed out groomers, crusty/cruddy

steeps, trees and bumps with some windblown snow on top).


Of all the skis, the Bushwackers were the most fun.  E88s at 170 were ok.  E88s at 178 were a bit too much work with the kids.  E83s were fun with great grip on the hard, but felt too short at 168.


Right now the Bushwackers at 173 are top of my list and the E83s at 176 might be a close second, but I'm intrigued by some other skis that I haven't tried:
- Head REV 85 Pro
- Head i.Peak 84 Pro (2012)
- Elan Waveflex 88 XTI


I'd love to consider Kastle MX83 or FX84s, but they're just a bit too pricey.


How do these compare to the BWs and the E83s for my profile?  Any other skis I should consider?


I really appreciate any feedback!