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Date: Sunday, January 6

Location: Kirkwood 

Conditions: Snowing, powder, dust on crust, scratchy, death cookies and untracked.





We arrived right at 9 and I got an early chair lap on 5 first thing.  Decent snow, dust on crust, coming down pretty hard from the get go.


We headed to backside where the conditions were significantly better. Found untracked all morning, low angle stuff mainly.  At the top, Covered Wagon was socked in, poor visibility.  Patrol said they'd already had a morning rescue of a skier in a crevasse.  Not sure what he was talking about but it sounded scary so we aborted on any plans for Fawn Ridge.


It snowed hard all morning.  Kirkwood is saying 2" in the past 24 hours, it skied and seemed more like 8-"12" to me.


That afternoon, we had a lesson.  Two in my group plus the instructor.  He took us up Chair Six, into Monte's and back a few times then to Ten and Eagle Bowl.  Shot above is of Eagle Bowl on the right, Cirque in the center. and Thunder Saddle to the right.


Great skiing at Kirkwood and great lesson too.