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I posted a question on this form last spring about my fore aft balance problems. Here is a link to the thread with all the details.    Mike was the first to respond asking me about my calf circumference at the top of the boot. When I responded, he suggested flaring the rear of the top cuff back to accommodate my larger calves. I didn’t believe that could possibly help. I was wrong, big time! 


I sent my boots to Mike along with my calf dimensions and he worked his magic. I have been in them 15 days so far, challenging myself on hills that I would have avoided at all costs. I have not had a fore aft issue of falling backwards once it all those days. Before the adjustment I would fall backwards or loose balance 15 times in a day even if just getting off the lift. It was pretty miserable to the point of almost giving up skiing.


It was a major stroke of luck to find the Mike. He put the fun back in skiing for me. I can now ski longer days and on more challenging terrain then I could in years.


Thanks so much Mike!