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park city conditions

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I am going to park city the end of jan. With their current base and so so new snow will it at least be half decent?

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Conditions will be awesome in three weeks!  I know this because I can predict the future.

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are you being rah-rah or does it hold snow well with a 45-50 inch base?

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Originally Posted by mcgettigrove View Post

I am going to park city the end of jan. With their current base and so so new snow will it at least be half decent?



I guess you need to define "half decent" ?

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I'm being rah rah because I'm going there a week after you.


I'm not worried about their base.  I'm hoping for a powder dump.

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half decent-at least groomed runs some moguls and some trees.

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thank you so much. Ive been working hard and am looking forward to this trip.

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Why do you say so-so new snow?  Significant snow is expected later this week and another storm is expected right after that. Base is decent, more or less normal for this time of year.

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My crystal ball seems as broken as yours - it's not giving me any clear picture of what's going to happen next week, let alone in three weeks.


I'd say that unless it doesn't snow at all between now and then, the groomers should be just fine and there should be some moguls. As always, the trees will really depend on whether it snows close to your trip or not - unless you like skiing hard, slick moguls between trees, in which case, trees are always good.


Other than that, you'll have to wait and see. After the massive storm they predicted last month fizzled into near nothingness, I can stress that looking at the weather a few days, let alone a few weeks, out isn't particularly fruitful.

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We certainly have more snow this season compared to last season.  The temperature has been quite cold the past week and a half (sub-zero mornings) so we are keeping the snow we have.  January is typically a big snow month here.  I wouldn't worry. 

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Frozen granular & packed powder.... But a storm is on the way, they say. The last few days have been quite enjoyable nonetheless....
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Frozen granular and packed powder would be fine.Your comments are very helpful. Thanks.

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